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Board games – May highlights


Champions of Hara – Enthousiastic

This is a hand management game which can be played competitively and cooperatively. I’m more interested in the coop/solo part. I’ve played it 5 times so far (2*2player, 1*3p and 2 solo)

– It has a very interesting hand management mechanic where each card has two abilities a character can activate. One is activated when the card is in your hand and the other when it’s in your tableau which then goes back into your hand. Leads to some interesting decisions.
– There are 6 total characters you can choose from. Some are more interesting than others but there’s a lot of material to choose from. Currently my favourites are Persephone and Leaf.
– Great variety of enemies and corrupted
– The art in the game. At first it thought it was fine but it’s constantly growing on me. It’s a colourful and vibrant world.
– Lore/Text – again the quality took it’s time to show itself to me but it refers to characters and monsters in the game creating a wonderful world to be in.
– Each character has 3 scenarios. I’ve only played 2 different ones so far but they were both good and they played differently.

– I see myself playing the game solo and possibly 2 player. Game length will be an issue with a higher player number.

– I keep making rules mistakes and it’s partly because i’m not as prepared as i should be. But the rulebook could have been done a lot better both in terms of the writing but also its layout.

– The hand management mechanic is a highlight but so are its replayability and its theme. I like what i’ve seen so far and i think it shows promise of being an excellent game. Even a great one.

The Big Book of Madness – Enthousiastic

A great session of The Big Book of Madness during one of our Game Nights. We were all very involved and immersed in the game. Constantly discussing how each player could help, providing ideas regardless of whose turn it was. Everyone was engaged throughout the game. I love this strong player interaction in TBoBM.

Relatively low rules overhead, does not outstay its welcome with great artwork. The theme is very thin but don’t let that keep you away from this hidden gem.

Magic Maze – Suggest

I hadn’t played Magic Maze in a long time and i have to admit it has lost some its appeal. I remember reading a review on ISlaytheDragon which said that the novelty wearing off will be an issue long term.

Having said that it was still fun to play, especially since it was a new group of players so there was a learning curve. I added the 1st guard from the Maximum Security expansion. I have my reservations with regards to the rest of the modules in the expansion but i will keep the Guard in all games, even with new players.

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