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Video games – currently playing

Into the Breach (Switch)

Currently, my main game. This is a really, really good strategy game. I started on Easy, switched to Normal but after a few setbacks i reverted back to Easy. It’s not that difficult but after Hand of Fate 2 (post to follow soon) i want something less stressful to play.

One thing i need to improve on is my mindset when playing. I am always just trying to beat the game but i should also be more conscious of the achievements. Focusing more on getting the achievements and less on winning is not a mindset i am good at.

Guns, Gore and Canoli 2 (Switch)

After finishing the first one playing couch co-op with a friend we dived into the 2nd installment. This is fun and mindless. It is quite repetitive though and usually our sessions are few and long which isn’t the best way to play this.

We completed it last night but because it was late and we were both exhausted we switched to Easy difficulty to beat the finally boss. We agreed to follow it up soon with a session to beat him on Normal.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (3DS)

Public had a 50% sale on several good 3DS games and I picked this up mostly because of nostalgia. I played it a lot when it came out on the PS2 but never managed to finish it. It looks and feels great. The voice acting is superb and so are the characters. I enjoy the bright coloured world in Dragon Quest.

Having said this i’m not sure how long i will continue playing it as it needs a lot of time investment and at the moment i prefer playing games on the Switch.

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Video games – PC


PC is where the most interesting games are right now for me. I’m not talking about the so-called AAA, blockbuster video games.

I’m talking about games like Papers, Please. Even after so many years and disappointments games can still excite me and surprise me.

What we have here is the literal opposite of the usual power fantasy. You don’t play as anyone special, just a downtrodden citizen of the ominous Soviet-styled nation of Arstotzka in the dying months of 1982. Assigned by a labour lottery to work for the Ministry of Admission, you spend your day stuck in a dank booth at a border checkpoint, responsible for deciding who gets to enter the country and who gets turned away – or worse.

You also need to process enough people and earn money to support your family. Only it’s not that simple.

A truly unique and fantastic game. Eurogamer has an excellent review which does a better job of selling the game than i ever will.

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Nintendo 3DS

2013-06-21 17.52.10

On Friday, i succumbed to my “wants” and went out and bought a Nintendo 3DS. It was and is a guilty purchase since i’m not that into gaming anymore so i don’t know how much value i will get out of it and also it does not feel like the best of times to be spending money on hand helds.

But in the end i got it from Public, together with basically the game that sold the 3DS to me, Fire Emblem: The Awakening. It’s a strategy RPG. Very japanese. Very otaku. Very geeky. And I’m loving in.

I’ve put it a total of around 14-15hrs into it but only progressed around 7hrs. The first 2-3hrs i started on a level that was way too easy and decided to restart. The remaining hours were spent on failed missions.

The battery does not seem to last that long, maybe due to the relatively high 3D setting i have it on which is actually not a bad thing. This keeps me more in control with how much time i spent on it at a time. Because when playing games, time just flies by without noticing it.

It feels like a flash from the past, but not quite. I’m enjoying this immensely and all the stuff that come with it i.e. reading reviews, previews, news, checking out bargains and all the twitter talk. But it definitely does not have the same aura around it. At least not the way it used to. Now i want to split my time on other things and more evenly.

For the time being I’m having a blast with it.

Virion: “Die with magnificence!”


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Friday: Timesheet submitted

Long weekend ahead as Monday is a public holiday in Cyprus. Have a great one!!!

My weekly highlights. It’s been a week of firsts and seconds.

  • The Spanish girl who reads, Paula
  • Watching Monsieur Lazhar for the 2nd time, this time with my sister
  • Finishing and loving Kafka on the Shore for the 2nd time
  • Beethoven’s Archduke Trio which plays its part in Kafka on the Shore. Then the Kafka on the Shore song
  • Talking about 3DS video games with my twitter buddies. On my way to buy a 3DS now.

6d63b15ec2125ab80374ea707060e7d13dsxlboxMonsieur Lazhar



Strategies for playing at war have offices at the renovated building near the Presidential Palace in Nicosia. I knew the company was behind the MMO World of Tanks but i was under the impression that this was a Russian company. It’s actually Belarusian.


Link – click me!

“Tanks are cool,” says Mr Kislyi, who at 37 was born long after those battles ended. Wearing a well-cut open-neck shirt and a big grin, he looks nothing like a hard-bitten warrior. He does have something to smile about, though. His company has 1,600 emp­loyees, up from 120 three years ago, and revenues have soared from €18m in 2011 to €218m last year, all thanks to World of Tanks.


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Video game

After, i don’t know how long, i finally played a game. Kentucky Route Zero is a point and click adventure game. Only Act I has been released so far but it’s worth a look. Very atmospheric, so better to play it with the lights out and headphones on.

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Time investment Vs Reward

I have always been associated with videogames. Even now that i’ve basically not played a game in 1.5-2 years people keep asking me what game i am playing or whether i’ve read a review on a particular game they are interested in. It boggles people’s minds that i can possibly be out of the videogames entertainment. But that’s how it is at the moment.


One reason is the time investment vs reward.

I have come to be considerably more demanding with how i want to spent my time in terms of being “entertained”. I prefer the memorable to the time wasting. For every Braid, Demon’s Souls and Deadly Premonitions there are 10-20 other games i spent 100hrs of hours playing that i simply thought as merely average and completely forgetable.

On the other hand simply looking at the movies i’ve watched just in 2012 and how memorable, thought provoking they were makes me feel satisfied at the manner i’ve spent my time even when the movie was not good or simply average. Perfect films, much like videogames are of course rare. A Separation is the only one so far this year which felt that way. But looking at the others that have come close (Intouchables, The Kid With A Bike, Once Upon A Time In Anatolia, 50/50 i.e. my four*) and the time invested (say 2hrs average for each movie) in them makes me feel that it was a worthwhile investment in memories and debates on how life can be lived and not something to just get me through the day.


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