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TV Shows

Mr Robot,  S3

This is excellent. There are episodes which are “off” for me, something that does not click. Overall though it’s the best on-going show for me at the moment. I am now re-watching season 1 – Enthousiastic

Suits, S7-8

Mindless and easy going. Guilty pleasure – Suggest/Indifferent

The Good Place, S3 (on-going)

Season 3 has just started but I don’t think this is going anywhere and i am considering to drop out. Disappointing, after 2 solid seasons.

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Zolos Con 2018

Zolos Con

I held Zolos Con yesterday and for the first time it was not at my flat because I wanted to invite more people this year.

It was a good turnout and while not everyone stayed the entire time there were always 11+ people playing.

Good times!

Games played at the Con

– Scythe
– Barcelona: The Rose Fire
Sidereal Confluence
Between Two Cities
– Captain Sonar
– Evolution
– Spirit Island
The Mind
Circus Flohcati

highlighted in bold – games i played

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Board games – September highlights

Nemo’s War – sold

I had heard so many good things about the game that when i heard VPG launched a kickstarter for a wonderful 2nd edition i was all in. Jules Verne was a big part of my early teenage years. It promised a wonderful theme, art and solo gameplay.

Alas, it delivered only on the art. Once again, a VPG game has left me very disappointed. There are simply too many dice rolls involved and the push your luck betting of crew, Nemo and hull are usually straightforward decisions.

The motives of Nemo can change the final scoring but without affecting the actual gameplay so much. Also, because sinking ships constantly is a necessity having a science or exploration motive does not make narrative sense. There is a serious disconnect.

The final time i was  playing it i found myself asking, why? This game is boring you. I have too many great/good solo games already. It’s a competitive genre at the moment so i really don’t need to own this one, let alone play it.

The Big Book of Madness – finally played it co-op

Coop games are on a high at the moment for me. Partly because of Spirit Island and partly because i can play them solo as well.

The Big Book of Madness was a game i had only played solo until last month. I enjoyed the puzzle aspect quite a bit. However, it felt that the game would shine with more players. It did. We played a 3 player game on a Thursday Game Night with 2 new to the game. The victory came with the last draw of a card which gave us the final element we needed to defeat the final curse of the last boss.

I believe this is the most interactive coop game that i’ve ever played. Interactive because each player can greatly affect what other players are doing. You are constantly engaged whether it’s your turn or not. I love that.

Viticulture Essential Edition (+ Tuscany E.E) – efficient use of workers

One thing that always annoys me with many worker placement games is that in order to win you need to get more workers than you started with.

Not so it seems in Viticulture. I managed to scrape a win against the player with the most workers. I enjoyed that and my respect for the game increased too.

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Board games – 3rd Quarter 2018 review

Total plays: 76

Distinct games: 23

New-to-me games: 6

Sid Meier’s Civilization: New Dawn, Grand Austria Hotel, Kitchen Rush, Cataclysm: A Second World War, Trains, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Out of the 6 new games only 1 belonged to me. I am very reluctant to introduce new games lately. 

Ten+ times: 2

The Mind (15), Shadowrift (12)

I managed to play Shadowrift with a friend and it’s better than solo. Helps with the fiddlyness of the game to have another person around. 

Five+ times: 3

Spirit Island (6), Kitchen Rush (6), Legends of Andor (5)

Spirit Island continues to see a lot of play time. The Legends of Andor scenarios are proving to be better than i expected. A hit with my Tuesday Night coop group.

Acquired: 3
Magic Maze: Maximum Security expansion, FF: Fortress, 878: Vikings

Removed:  8
Nemo’s War, Tyrants of the Underdark, TotU expansion, Forbidden Desert, Railways of the World, RotW: Europe, Traxx, Diamant,

Owned: N/A

Unplayed: N/A

Best New to me:

I am not too keen on any of the 6 games i played. The most intriguing was Cataclysm: A Second World War but we don’t have the group necessary to explore a game like this one so i don’t see me playing it again.

New 10s: n/a

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