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Board games – October highlights

Massive clear out

I managed to sell/give 36 games in October. The collection still needs to be slimmed down even more but oh boy now i can finally see the end of the tunnel. The fact that i also cut down purchases has helped a lot. I even gave away one of the furniture i used for board games storage and now the flat is starting to feel like “lighter”. I like my collection and space more now.



Sidereal Confluence – enthousiastic!

Wow! The hype is real. My 2 sessions have both been a delight. I believe this will be one of the very few negotiation games i enjoy. This and Ponzi Scheme.

The Shut-up and Sit-down review was spot on. Complex, highly interactive and social.
Sidereal is a competitive game where players are trading and negotiating with each other so often during the game that everything is done in good faith. And there’s so much interaction and options it’s crazy. You can give and take anything in the game, apart from victory points. Anything!

It’s been awhile since i’ve played a resource management game which felt new and fresh. I was constantly engaged. With my own space race but also with the other races.

Menara – suggest

Fun, tense and very social. A game where players build a temple together which keeps going higher and higher. It’s even better than i had expected. I had put it up for sale but it’s a keeper for now. I can play this with anyone apart from people who don’t like dexterity games.



Baseball Highlights: 2045

One of the benefits of slimming down a collection is that i am more likely to play games i love, like Baseball Highlights. My first game was a 4-3 win. Great stuff. I want to find a way to play a season solo.

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