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Friday: Timesheet submitted

My highlights of this past week.

1. Morning swim. The water is still pretty cold but you get used to it and then it’s pure bliss

2. Love the weather of the past couple of weeks. If only it was like that throughout the entire summer.

3. A great Champions League Final gathering.

4. Arrival of Inotaizu, Die Aufsteiger and Neue Heimat!! Heimat

5. Top of The Lake mini-series and the movie The Man from Earth (thx for the tip Tech Support Guy).

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Movie of the week – Coraline

Dark, beautiful, creepy, thrilling and oh, so wonderful.


“An adventurous girl finds another world that is a strangely idealized version of her frustrating home, but it has sinister secrets.”


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Vikings, Orphan Black & Top of the Lake (TV)

TV series in general

There are so many TV shows out there, some bad, others just ok and some good enough. But TV is such an easy time wasting activity (i use this term loosely) that you can just watch a series for the sake of watching it and not getting anything of value out of it. I don’t expect every tv show to be The Wire but i don’t want to fall into the trap where i’m just wasting away the hours watching completely forgettable stuff because it’s convenient and easy to do.

At the moment only Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad (although i thought Season 5 was the weakest) still give me that sense of satisfaction that i’m not just passing/wasting my time.

The first two below did not live up to the expectations but i watched them because they were relatively short.

Vikings S1

The 1st Vikings season is now over and after 10 episodes i can safely say that it was mediocre at best. The only episodes that held my interest were the ones with the raids in England. I’m not sure whether i’ll be watching Season 2 as no character has grown on me and i think that all characters have failed to develop with the season. I still dig the intro though.

Orphan Black S1

I am now watching (episode 9) a BBC America production called Orphan Black. I only started watching it after reading a few articles and reviews where it was highly recommended. I really can’t see why to be honest since it’s just passable TV in terms of story, characters and acting. Granted i’m not a sci-fi series fan but i find that there’s nothing new or even remotely interesting that can keep me after season 1 (i think 10 or 11 episodes in total).

Top of the Lake

I saved the better one for last. This is a mini-series (7 episodes) starring Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men – Peggy) in which she plays a detective investigating the disappearance of a 12 year old pregnant girl. It takes place in a community in New Zealand. Holly Hunter, whom i have not seen in a movie for quite some time, is also among the cast. This is a decent watch and being a BBC production it does not outstay its welcome by dragging it out.


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Presence, Not Praise: How To Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Achievement

Link – click me!

“Nowadays, we lavish praise on our children. Praise, self-confidence and academic performance, it is commonly believed, rise and fall together. But current research suggests otherwise — over the past decade, a number of studies on self-esteem have come to the conclusion that praising a child as ‘clever’ may not help her at school. In fact, it might cause her to under-perform. Often a child will react to praise by quitting — why make a new drawing if you have already made ‘the best’? Or a child may simply repeat the same work — why draw something new, or in a new way, if the old way always gets applause?”

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The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by William Shirer

“…..The speech (Hitler’s peace speech May 21st 1935) turns out to be reasonable, straightforward and comprehensive. No one who reads it with an impartial mind can doubt that the points of policy laid down by Herr Hitler may fairly constitute a basis of a complete settlement with Germany – a free, equal and strong Germany instead of the prostrate Germany whom peace was imposed sixteen years ago…

It is to be hoped that the speech will be taken everywhere as a sincere and well-considered utterance precisely what it says.”

This great journal (The Times), one of the chief glories of English journalism, would play, like the Chamberlain government, a dubious role in the disastrous appeasement of Hitler. 

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The Politics of Football

The Politics of Football is a blog i discovered recently.

Mario Balotelli and the New Europe

“His story is as fascinating as it is complex. Born in Sicily to Ghanaian parents, he had health problems as a child and ultimately was fostered with a wealthier Italian couple. Although the fostering was initially meant to be for a year, Mario ended up staying, leaving behind his Ghanaian name of Barwuah and taking on that of his foster parents, the Balotellis.”

The Blood of the Impure

“The current debate about the Marseillaise, too, is haunted by the many controversies surrounding the booing of the anthem during matches pitting France against Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco over the past years. In September 2001, after pro-Algeria fans invaded the pitch during a game against France, Le Pen once again used football as a touchstone for his political campaign, this time with more success. He announced his candidacy for president in front of the Stade de France a few weeks later, explaining he had chosen the site because it was where “our national anthem was booed.” The next year, he made it into the second round of the presidential election, forcing the French to choose between him and Jacques Chirac. The French team mobilized again, with even Zidane urging people to vote against Le Pen.”

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Lack of focus and goals

When i started writing the blog i did not have focus nor goals as to what to do with it. I just wanted to vent mostly. Now, this lack of direction is starting to take its toll on me.

What do i write about? Why should i write at all for that matter?

Writing, linking and posting for the sake of doing it can only take you so far.

For example, I decide to take on a particular theme one month and then the next i just give it up (remember In-Depth reading and Doing Something New for 30 days??). I realised today that i have not written the monthly ratings post where i rate how my New Years’ Resolutions are coming along for a few months now. Completely forgot about it. Of course, that might mean that everything is going so well that I’m no longer conscious of my progress with them. But that’s not it.

I wish i had a talent or passion for just a single thing, so as to specialize. These general, wider, diversified interests don’t seem to be leading anywhere. Do i want them to lead anywhere?

Should the goal be to improve as a writer? I don’t think i have the talent, vocabulary, patience and to be honest the ambition to put the effort that is needed.

But at some point you’ve got say, Ok, it’s been a fun ride. What now? What’s the purpose? What do i want? Am i getting anything out of this? Do i need to rethink how i approach it? Is it time to stop or pause or renew?

I do like recommending books, movies, tv shows, apps, software, board games etc etc etc. This, i enjoy doing but not in the current format. I don’t like elaborate reviews. Also i love hosting small gatherings for let’s say watching football or playing board games. Video or photos/drawings of these maybe? Of the experience. I can’t visualize it. You need a certain level of creativity to do something like this. I don’t have that. Or rather i think i don’t have it because i’ve never done it before.

I’m confused and I need clarity. I need a purpose. A goal. I need to get some sense of progress and finally a sense of achievement.


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Incoherent movie of the week – Side by Side

Documentary on the history and future of cinema’s standard format. Film Vs Digital.

Side by Side


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Spiel Des Jahres – 2013 nominations

The nominations for the prestigious German board games award, Spiel Des Jahres, were announced this week.

Games like The Settlers of Catan, El Grande, Carcassone and Ticket to Ride are some of the previous years’ winners. It’s a big thing in the board game industry.

This year, i’m happy to note that out of the 3 nominations i’ve played 2 of them.

Hanabi and Qwixx. Both were well received by gamers and non-gamers alike when we played them. Hanabi is more of an experience game whereas Qwixx is a more easy going, party even game. Out of the two, my pick would be Hanabi although the audience is somewhat narrower compared to Qwixx. I don’t know much about Augustus.

Game of the Year
Game Designer Publisher Award
Augustus Paolo Mori Hurrican Nominee
Hanabi Antoine Bauza Asmodée Éditions Nominee
Qwixx Steffan Benndorf GameFactory Nominee
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Before you aim for someone’s job, look at the price they paid to get there

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“Whenever I write about grad school, someone writes in the comments about how I’m just bitter that I didn’t get a degree.

But what I’m really bitter about is that no one wanted to have sex with me. Some famous poet was a visiting professor, hitting on every grad student but me. And Leslie Epstein was there, who is not only king of the Jews but the father of Theo Epstein, a big name in baseball. Leslie said I’m the best sex writer he’s ever read. So why wasn’t he asking me for sex?

Probably because I’m the master of bad sex. There is no anal penetration that I cannot ruin with a piece of poop at the end of the paragraph.”

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