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Movie of the week – A Lond Way Down

Ridiculous, simplistic, mediocre and forgettable.

In spite of all these, there’s still something there.



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Movie of the week – Sounds Like Teen Spirit


It follows the lives of the participants of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007, specifically the entrants from Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Georgia. The film sees them proceed from the national finals that saw them crowned the representatives of their country through to the international song festival itself held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands where they each compete against 16 other acts.




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The Secret Garden (2)

The-Secret-Garden_Inga-Moore_cover-artSlowly but surely, Sophia 6.7 and I, are making progress.

She loves it!

I’ve also started reading the original text in english. There is no doubt that it’s a richer reading experience. For example, in the original a few of the characters speak with Yorkshire accents which gives you a greater sense of place. The greek translation makes no such distinction. Also, some parts have been completely removed making it a shorter read. I don’t know for what purpose. Maybe shorter means more accessible?

It made her think that it was curious how much nicer a person looked when he smiled.

The book itself does feel “old”, for example how it deals with race, but it’s such a wonderful and enjoyable read. While it’s a story which deals with the loss of parents, the death of a wife, a loveless early childhood and loneliness it’s also a book filled with so much optimism and joy for life.

Mary, Sophia and I have finally entered The Secret Garden and we are about to meet young Dickon!


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Movie of the week – How to Train Your Dragon 2

I think it tried too hard to impress. Still recommended though!


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