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Sunrise Calendar

Finally! A great calendar application.

It’s only been a week but i’m impressed with Sunrise Calendar, especially with how well it is integrates with various other applications i’m using (Evernote, Toodledo, Google Calendar).

I will slowly start phasing out Toodledo (which i like) because i want to streamline/consolidate things a bit and use a combination of Evernote and Sunrise for my reminders and To Do Lists.

Apart from the tablet versions there is also a web version.

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NHL Gamecenter

Pavel Datsyuk #13 of the Detroit Red Wings puts a shot on goaltender Jonathan Bernier #45 of the Toronto Maple Leafs as Todd Bertuzzi #44 of the Detroit Red Wings creates traffic in the first period during the 2014 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic on January 1, 2014 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

A week ago I subscribed for 1 year to the NHL Gamecenter. The 1 year subscription gets you access to all the games live or on demand to watch later. You can also watch just the 10mins highlights from each game. When i purchased it, it was USD99 (EUR78) and now it’s only USD49. I’m not sure why there such a big drop. Probably because we are closer to the end of the season.

I’m very impressed so far. You can watch the games either on a PC or a tablet (Google App which is what i do). The quality is excellent and is 99% perfect streaming whether it’s live or not. Yesterday i was watching live the Winter Classic between Detroit and Toronto played in Detroit. It was taking place outside in an American football stadium with more than 100,000 fans on the stands in freezing conditions. Once again the streaming was perfect. During live games you also have the option to switch between the broadcaster of the home team or that of the away team.

I compare this with what we get for football, especially in Cyprus. I currently pay EUR52/month to basically watch the Premier League. I’m also getting Cypriot Football, La Liga and Bundesliga and some TV shows and movies. But i don’t need this bundle of channels. I just want to watch the Premiership and i would strip away everything else if that meant getting a reduced price. Not only that but i have to be at home to watch. With the NHL Gamecenter i could be anywhere and i can watch everything on demand on the tablet.

I really hope that we get something like this in football but i doubt it as i think the Premiership gets more money by selling the rights to individual broadcasters in different countries. There is a lot of commercialisation in american sports (more breaks and ads) but they are years ahead on this one.

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Tablet (2)

I enjoy sharing articles and videos a lot.

I used to do most of this using emails i.e. sending the link to specific groups of people who would be interested in the particular topic i.e. life, technology, board games, football.

Although I still do that, now i share most articles through facebook and twitter. This is something that has definitely improved with the tablet. With the Kindle i often read an article, made a note to share but then forgot to actually do it. Now i can do that instantly. It’s not only that though. I can now follow the links included in articles, something i could never do with the Kindle.

Of course there is a drawback with this.

I’m always tempted to share too many things because it’s so easy to do which can result in a flood of links and information. When you do this you basically end up spamming people. So sharing has become easier to do but now it requires more self control and a better filtering.

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Before you aim for someone’s job, look at the price they paid to get there

Link – click me

“Whenever I write about grad school, someone writes in the comments about how I’m just bitter that I didn’t get a degree.

But what I’m really bitter about is that no one wanted to have sex with me. Some famous poet was a visiting professor, hitting on every grad student but me. And Leslie Epstein was there, who is not only king of the Jews but the father of Theo Epstein, a big name in baseball. Leslie said I’m the best sex writer he’s ever read. So why wasn’t he asking me for sex?

Probably because I’m the master of bad sex. There is no anal penetration that I cannot ruin with a piece of poop at the end of the paragraph.”

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Google Reader – the replacements

Google reader will be discontinued on 1 July by Google.

I’ve been using Feedly for the past month or so. It has improved during this time, especially the PC version and has practically all the sharing options one needs (Evernote, Instapaper etc). However, it looks a bit “busy” but it’s my preferred option if i want to read something on the PC or on the phone.

Another application was recommended to me recently which is only available on Android right now. It’s called gReader. It’s more plain looking but probably more functional. It reminds me of the official Google version. It also has a lot of sharing options, not sure if on the same level of Feedly though. It’s good but i’ve noticed some lag when using it lately i.e. not very responsive when clicking on stuff. But if you are just using the reader as an intermediary to send articles to other applications such as Instapaper i prefer it from Feedly.


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Waste your time away with Tweetping. Very cool.

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Australia’s Wildfires

I just saw these photos and had to post the link.

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