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Video games

Kingdom: Two Crowns (Switch) – finished

A few days ago a friend of mine came over for board games. We played for 1.5hrs and then for 5-6 hours switched to video games. Most of that time was spent on Kingdom: Two Crowns couch co-op. It was wonderful! It’s so much better to play with someone else to help cover ground on the bigger islands.

The experience reignited my desire to continue my solo campaign and i managed to reach the credits. I had some bad moments with the game (beggars not spawning, having only 1 knight on one side and a few more).  Also there are still things that are almost impossible to know unless you read about them online. My one regret is not being able to fully upgrade my towers.

At the end of the day however it was a very enjoyable experience. It has the Civ quality of just one more turn/day. There are a lot things i have not yet seen but i am probably done after 45+hrs. I would play it again co-op so there’s still that option. Suggest

SteamWorld Heist (Switch) – currently playing

I had started this on the Vita a few years ago but stopped playing after a few hours. I don’t remember why but it had nothing to do with the quality of the game because it’s good!

Although i like the Steamworld Universe i can’t say that the story is any good. However,  most of the characters you recruit are with some good lines. More importantly they are good in combat and feel different. Unless they are taken to battle (and survive) they don’t get XPs and it encourages me to try playing with all of them. Some i like more than others. For example Piper, the captain, is one of my favourites because she affects units around her. Ivanski is  tank with a rocket. I also like Beatrix and Valentine. I just recruited Fen and she/he has fantastic abilities. Like i said they are all good!

I’m trying to get 3 stars on all missions and i managed to do that for all so far (apart from 1). Repeating a level is not a chore as the level changes layout every time. So far there has not really been a need to repeat levels just for grinding purposes. Simply for getting the three stars.

Finally, the loot surprises after each battle are exciting. New weapons and gadgets.  Plus the new abilities of characters after they level up.

This looks like another wonderful game is the brilliant Steamworld series.

Picross 3D (3DS) – currently playing

Still going and i reached level 10. Gold up to Level 8. This is tough but so good!

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Board games – January highlights

Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road –
I played this twice on the final day of January at Game Night. One of the better euro games I’ve played in the past year. It’s a very unique deck builder/card management game.

You start with 3 columns of character cards and each character sits in front of the other and you can do the actions only of the front row characters. Once you do that they move to the back of the column.  As the game progresses, you add more characters and the caravans get longer which means that you have a greater variety of characters and actions to perform but at the same time your caravans become less efficient i.e. takes longer to have access to the characters you want.

Very interesting decisions throughout the game and depending on the characters you add to your caravan it can play differently.  Its turns are fast and the game did not last more than 1 hour each time. Suggest to Enthousiastic

Pergamon – It was one of my oldest unplayed games. A light euro filler. I liked it a lot. The scoring strategy felt a bit obtuse on our first game but this will improve over time. Easy to teach, fast to play with some good player interaction especially during the funding phase. Suggest

Xenoshyft – Got it back to the table after a long time and played solo it a few times.  I played the Dreadmire box with The Brood and weather and I also did the same with the digital version. So glad to play it again as this is a cracking game. Enthousiastic

Shadowrun: Crossfire – Similar experience to Xenoshyft above. Enthousiastic

Magic Maze (with expansion) – It has lost some of its appeal but still good. The security guards in the expansion are a nice touch and will introduce them every time. Suggest

Nicosia Game Nights – Attended my first one in 2019 last night and i had a very good time. In all honesty i have not enjoyed one of these in a long time but i will try to attend once a month to support the group.

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