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TV Shows – Only Enthousiastic

Maniac (Netflix) –  So much to love in this one. My favourite Netflix show yet? Maybe. Probably. Enthousiastic!

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TV Shows – From Enthousiastic to Avoid (cont’d)

Sharp Objects (HBO)

Wow! I completely forgot about this one. In spite of a sour taste it left once i learned that there is some explanation of what happened after the credits rolled on the final episode in my mind this was an Enthousiastic. But then why did i forget about it? – Enthousiastic (?)


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TV shows – From Enthousiastic to Avoid

The past few months have been a mixed affair.

Barry (HBO) 

What a superb black comedy this is. Full of great characters and crazy situations. – Enthousiastic

Forever (Amazon)

This came out of nowhere for me after reading a review in the FT. Great characters and acting. I especially enjoyed the actor who played Oscar, Fred Armisen. I don’t remember seeing him in anything before. – Enthousiastic

Succession (HBO) 

This is a pretty inconsistent series. But it’s more suggest than indifferent because of its particular kind of humour which won’t be to everyone’s liking. – Suggest

Deadwind (Netflix) 

Not bad, but it’s just another solid crime thriller.  The Scandinavians have mastered the genre. – Indifferent

Jack Ryan (Amazon) 

I really wanted to like this one. I was a Tom Clancy fan in my teenage years and Jack Ryan was always a favourite character of mine. Also, this series features Bunk!!! But everything felt shallow. The plot, characters, script, moral decisions. Maybe i am also misremembering the quality of the novels. – Avoid



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Board games – Still fun?

It all started with Catan on XBLA back in 2007. Ever since then, board games have been a big part of my life. Over the years my playing time has increased, i met many new people, i had a hand in organising the local community and the hobby has helped/forced me to get out of my comfort zone.

Recently though i think the way i feel about the hobby has changed. It’s not as enjoyable and carefree as it used to be. I’ve also come to associate board games with a certain negative experience in my personal life which does not help.

At its peak my board game collection reached to almost 400 games. I purchased games on a weekly basis. I had run out of space in my flat. There were piles of board games in the living room, study and closets. I spent more time buying and reading rule books than actually playing.

Seeing all those unplayed games on my shelves was stressful to me. For the past 1.5 years I’ve gone all out to change all that. After a considerable effort, the collection now stands at less than 200. Better, but there is still a long way to go. I want to be able to pick up a game and know how to play it instead of having to relearn it.

However, it’s clear to me that my attitude towards the hobby has changed. Previously i would read rule books for the “fun” of it. I simply enjoyed the process. Now i don’t see the point.

The same applies to teaching board games. I used to prepare before hand in order to better explain games to others. I took pride in my teaching. Now i rush through the explanation. My reasoning is that it’s rare that i will replay the same game with the same people so spending the time to learn and teach a game is no longer worth doing. Similarly to reading rule books there was a phase where the process was rewarding enough for me. No longer.

All these coincide with a sort of crisis i have with the board game community. I stopped attending the weekly meetings and it has affected my sense of belonging. There are now more and more people who I’ve never met, let alone played games with. There’s a distance. It’s also because the community has grown but also because i didn’t feel being part of the weekly meetings was worth my time. I still had at least 2 nights a week dedicated to board games so I didn’t see the point in attending.

“I didn’t see the point”. There is a trend.

I’ve struggled with depression over the years and i sense that now i am going through another episode. A milder one. But it has affected my enjoyment of board games much like it had affected my video games time 10 years ago. I see many similarities between the two. There is one important difference. Board games are by their very nature a lot more socially oriented which is good for me.

So, for now at least, i sense that board games are not as fun as they used to be. But they are as helpful and important to me as before, if not more so.

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Video games – currently playing

Into the Breach (Switch)

Currently, my main game. This is a really, really good strategy game. I started on Easy, switched to Normal but after a few setbacks i reverted back to Easy. It’s not that difficult but after Hand of Fate 2 (post to follow soon) i want something less stressful to play.

One thing i need to improve on is my mindset when playing. I am always just trying to beat the game but i should also be more conscious of the achievements. Focusing more on getting the achievements and less on winning is not a mindset i am good at.

Guns, Gore and Canoli 2 (Switch)

After finishing the first one playing couch co-op with a friend we dived into the 2nd installment. This is fun and mindless. It is quite repetitive though and usually our sessions are few and long which isn’t the best way to play this.

We completed it last night but because it was late and we were both exhausted we switched to Easy difficulty to beat the finally boss. We agreed to follow it up soon with a session to beat him on Normal.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (3DS)

Public had a 50% sale on several good 3DS games and I picked this up mostly because of nostalgia. I played it a lot when it came out on the PS2 but never managed to finish it. It looks and feels great. The voice acting is superb and so are the characters. I enjoy the bright coloured world in Dragon Quest.

Having said this i’m not sure how long i will continue playing it as it needs a lot of time investment and at the moment i prefer playing games on the Switch.

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