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Board games – 3rd Quarter 2019 review

Total plays: 57

A very weak quarter. Summer months usually are a low point but especially this year. Some great video games did not help the situation.

Distinct games: 23

New-to-me games: 9

Root, Aeon’s End: War Eternal, Legend of the Five Rings: TCG, DIG, SHH, LAMA, Unicornus Knights, Santo Domingo, Tiny Towns

Ten+ times: 1 

The Mind

Five+ times: 2

Root, Spirit Island

Collection: 163

I have not looked into this number. Higher than the previous quarter and yet i sold games and not bought any. Need to sit down and go through my BGG collection.

Acquired: 0

Removed: 2

Arkham Horror: LCG, Isle of Skye


Best New to me:


New 10s: N/A
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