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Movie of the week – Death of a Superhero

Death of a Superhero


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Banning the sex industry – The Economist

“ULTRA-LIBERAL Iceland wants to ban online pornography. It is just the latest step in its attempts to eliminate the sex industry entirely. In 2009 it introduced fines and jail terms for those who patronise prostitutes (whom it treats as victims). In 2010 it outlawed strip clubs. In February the government decided to take on the glut of smut online and floated the idea of banning violent or degrading pornography, which some Icelanders take to mean most of it. No country has yet wholly succeeded in controlling commercial sex, either through legalisation or criminalisation. But all over the world, particularly in rich democracies, policymakers are watching to see whether Iceland succeeds—and may follow in its footsteps if it does.”


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Vikings – TV (2)

A few days ago i mentioned that i started watching the History Channel TV series, Vikings. I’ve now watched up to and including episode 7 out of a total of 9 episodes in this series. I can say that it’s very enjoyable and the fact that the season is only 9 episodes is a big plus in my book. I’m not a fan of shows which have 20 episodes a season. There isn’t enough content to do so many and they are just milking the cow.

However, even though Vikings is not one of the best shows on TV at the moment let alone ever as some people and sites are suggesting I do like this growth in the number shows taking place in different historical eras like Mad Men, Rome, Vikings, The Borgias.

I think there is room for more of these as long as the writing is good. For example i would love to see a show taking place in Nazi Germany, Lenin’s and Stalin’s Russia or during the Cold War (espionage).

I don’t expect to learn history through TV but i would like to spend a few seasons in another time.


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Cyprus Film Days – 2013

I’m not sure how many people still go the cinemas nowadays let alone know about the Cyprus Film Festival. Not many judging by the number of people attending the festival on the nights i went. It’s basically a week of indie, obscure and snobbish films for people who believe they are cultured, want to appear cultured, smoke in a cool way and wear glasses.

So i decided to go to a few with my friends.

The PirogueThe HuntIn the House

La Pirogue – Suggest

The Hunt – Strong Suggest

In the House – Strong Suggest

At home I’ve also watched some of the other films screened in this festival.

Beasts of the Southern WildHoly MotorsThe Angels' Share

Beasts of the Southern Wild – Must

Holy Motors – WTF?????

Angels’ Share – Weak Suggest

I may be insulting myself and the other people who attend these festivals and watch this kind of movies but i can tell you one positive thing for sure. I don’t like going to the movies anymore mostly because of the other people there but I enjoy watching movies with this particular crowd. They are there to watch the movie and not talk or switch on their mobile during the film.

They respect both you and the movie.


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Movie of the week – Reprise

Another week, another Norwegian film.
This time from the director of one of my favourite movies (Oslo, August 31),  Joachim Trier



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Vikings – TV

I’ve been looking for a decent new TV series for some time now but most of what’s out there have left me indifferent.

However, last night i watched the first episode of Vikings, a TV Show which is being shown on the History Channel(!). Although i can’t say i was terribly impressed, i can definitely say that i am interested in watching more. As the title of the series indicates it is a show about Vikings. Once again, a well known film actor is on the show. Gabriel Byrne. I will have a better opinion after a few more episodes.

“Vikings follows the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok the greatest hero of his age. The series tells the sagas of Ragnar’s band of Viking brothers and his family, as he rises to become King of the Viking tribes. As well as being a fearless warrior, Ragnar embodies the Norse traditions of devotion to the gods, legend has it that he was a direct descendant of Odin, the god of war and warriors.”



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“Also everywhere i’m looking at kids, adults mostly don’t seem to like them, not even the parents do. They call the kids gorgeous and so cute, they make the kids do the thing all over again so that they can take a photo, but they don’t actually play with them, they’d rather drink coffee talking to other adults.  Sometimes there’s a small kid crying and the Ma of it doesn’t even hear.

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