Board games – April highlights

27 May


The Quest for El Dorado

A streamlined racing deck builder where you need to pay attention to other players? Designed by Knizia? Yes please! (Played it 4 player twice and with 2 players once)

What i Liked:

– Very easy to explain and understand.
– Equally good and accessible for gamers and non-gamers.
– Wonderful tension and difficult decisions throughout the race
– Fast turns
– The way new cards enter the market is fantastic
– Plays great with 2 and 4 players because all 4 meeples are in play making the board crowded.
– Duration – short and does not outstay its welcome


– Not many cards. In the short/medium term this won’t be a problem. Might even be a good thing as it forces players to learn to use the existing cards better. Might be an issue after many plays.

– Setup takes time compared to the length of the game especially if you want to play back to back games but with different board setups.

What i Disliked:

– The cards are too small. The game takes a lot of table space so maybe that’s why they made them small but i find the size very annoying.

Conclusion- Great game! Enthousiastic

Spirit Island

I hadn’t played it solo for some time and went for the combination of River Surges in Sunlight together with Lightning’s Swift Strike.

– First Adversaries were the French (Difficulty Level 6*3 times):
After i was easily defeated in the 1st game i changed tactics. Game number 2 was still a defeat but the two Spirits start clicking with me and with one another and victory was finally achieved in the 3rd game

– Next, mighty England (Difficulty Level 6*3 times):
I was by now very comfortable with River and Lightning together but i couldn’t keep up with English builds. In the first game i lost during a round where i resolved no fear cards which meant that they build 3 times plus the Flag build. In game number 2 it was much closer where i lost due to Blight. Game 3 was a disaster though. Easily defeated.

After so many plays Spirit Island still finds ways to excite me and makes me eager to bring it back to the table again and again. – Enthousiastic

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