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The Secret Garden (3)

77139This has been one my most memorable and rewarding book experiences. The Secret Garden is our book now. Watching and listening to Sophia react to the story unfolding was such a joy and she became very attached to Mary, Colin, Dickon and of course the robin! She reminded me of why i read books in the first place. Sometimes when i keep doing something over and over again it just becomes a habit and i forget to appreciate it.

We actually finished The Secret Garden a few weeks ago but i waited to post this final post as i wanted to also read the original English book. I wanted to compare. The original is a far, far superior experience. The Greek translation is very poor indeed. Both in terms of the quality of translation but also in omitting several important parts from the story.

The greek translation removes a lot of parts relating to side characters and their background such as the Dr Craven, Mrs Medlock and Ben Weatherstaff. In the original they feel more like real people who have their own story waiting to be told but maybe some other time. It makes them more human.

It also inexcusably and more importantly removes the chapter about Mr Craven which i found to be one of the most important in the entire book. I cannot comprehend how they reached the conclusion that this should not be part of the greek version.

In spite of all these shortcomings, the book was still good enough to be appreciated by both us.

In fact, we soon after started reading The Little Prince and we only made it to the first paragraph of the book when Sophia turned to me and said,

“Can we read The Secret Garden again?”

and i replied,




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Movie of the Week – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

One of the best blockbuster films I’ve seen in recent years. This is the level all blockbuster films should be at.
And Caesar….Oh you magnificent Caesar…..



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