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Friday: Timesheet submitted

Weekly highlights but nothing worth mentioning this week.

Oh wait, apart from that possibly life changing thing with regards to my…….


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Friday: Timesheet submitted

Weekly highlights in random order.

Justified 3


  • New board game acquisition – City of Remnants. Alien Gangs fighting it out to dominate a city. Can’t wait!
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness movie – Although i enjoyed it i did not love it. Wanted more Trekkie stuff. More exploration and character development than action. I wanted more Spock and less Kirk. Still the best Sci-fi space movie series at the moment though. Sorry Star Wars fans….
  • Justified Season 4. Loved season 1, enjoyed season 2 but it’s all falling apart now. Charm can only take a series so far. Halfway through season 4 it’s most likely going to be my last. Still love the Kentucky setting though.
  • A week of great lunches!
  • Weekend discussion on the merits of having an HR department (or not).
  • Thursday’s Cyprus Board Gamers meeting at Ayioi Omologites. Played outside in the inner courtyard of the workshop. Cool summer night breeze, two lovely games (Neue Heimat & Metropolys) and good company. Only a glass of wine missing!

City of Remnants

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Friday: Timesheet submitted

My weekly highlights in no particular order!


  • Playing Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS. Frederick: “Pick a God and pray!”. Love it!
  • I got a 2Kg medicine ball! You can do some great exercises with this thing.
  • I’m still ploughing through The Rise and Fall of Third Reich but it’s been a great read. I’m around 50% into it which is 600+ pages and i don’t want it to end. It’s that good. One of the best non-fiction books i’ve ever “read”.
  • Ofto & Tavas at Adoulwth Keryneia with good company.
  • It’s been a while since i watched a great documentary but i was fortunate enough to watch two this past long weekend. They were both fantastic. The Gatekeepers and The Act of Killing. The latter is quite a tough watch so make sure you are up for it, but both are a MUST WATCH!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mine starts with a (re-)viewing of Star Trek (2009) tonight (together with the customary pop corn) to prepare for Star Trek : Into Darkness.

The Act of KillingThe Gatekeepers



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Friday: Timesheet submitted


My weekly highlights…..

1. My patience tank for the accounting profession is running on reserve.

2. My client facing skills.

3. PASYDY going on strike to protest against layoffs in Greece.

4. The fact that buying this generation’s consoles is not in my thoughts and plans.


5. Days like this…

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Friday: Timesheet submitted


A bit late but what the hell. My weekly highlights,

1. Birthday party at Prwtaras full of kids, of people my age. Weird, weird, weird. And then some.

2. Walking in on a dead 10-12cm centipede on a late afternoon at the Larnaca flat. Let me just say that i woke up twice during the night…….

3. Economic crisis is starting to bite. General Hospital will now only provide me with 1 months’ supply of medication instead of 2 like they used to. The pharmacist “No need to explain right? We understand why?”.

4. Playing Trajan at Ayioi Omologites

4. Melon for dinner…..mmmmmmmm

5. This Youtube mix

Have a great weekend y’all!

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Friday: Timesheet submitted

My highlights of this past week.

1. Morning swim. The water is still pretty cold but you get used to it and then it’s pure bliss

2. Love the weather of the past couple of weeks. If only it was like that throughout the entire summer.

3. A great Champions League Final gathering.

4. Arrival of Inotaizu, Die Aufsteiger and Neue Heimat!! Heimat

5. Top of The Lake mini-series and the movie The Man from Earth (thx for the tip Tech Support Guy).

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T.G.I. Zolos, 20 July 2012

Now this is more like it.

  • Movies –Win Win story has been told many times. A troubled but talented kid finds shelter under a the loving care of a stranger. But this is one of the better ones capped by excellent performances by Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan and also the teenager played by Alex Shaffler. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has an all-star english cast but never rises more than just above average. But it was still an enjoyable watch. Certified Copy is the more difficult movie to judge and recommend. It’s very meta, as described by reviewers, and by me! Although the discussions which take place during the movie were not interesting i found the whole premise of the movie extremely intriguing. I can’t say more on that because it’s better to see this first person. A solid movie week!
  • TV Series – I was a big fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series and i could not wait for the first season of The Legend of Korra. I am about half way through it and although it’s not as grabbing as Avatar it’s still good with some excellent fighting scenes. Very entertaining.
  • Board games – We played Poseidon on Monday which is supposed to be a lighter version of the 18XX railroad/economic series. The guys had played it once before and their comments had not been positive so i approached it with quite low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. The stock exchange part was a bit weak and there were too many calculations for my liking. But on the whole, the taking over nations, deciding on the merchants and whether or not to distribute income was interesting. I liked it.
    Also played Zombie Dice (with 4) and enjoyed it. Brainless, quick little game and a good game to start or end the session. Finally, i played Code 777 which i considered one of the best family games i have even though i suck at it. One of the many things i have not yet figured out is what to do when i guess my tiles. Do i start a new sheet or not?????????
  • Football – Football season has started after that brief respite from the Euro. I went and saw the APOEL Vs FK Senica Europa League match yesterday. I thought APOEL played well considering it was the first match of the season and should have scored more goals if the finishing wasn’t so bad. But i have to say, the experience of being at the stadium was marred by the extremely high temperature and humidity. Plus the chain smokers sitting next to me did not help.
  • The board gaming weekend is finally here and although the hours and players (2!) are not as many as i would have liked, it’s still going to be a great opportunity for some of the longer 2 player games. The plan is for sessions of the following: Twilight Struggle, A Few Acres of Snow, Warhammer Invasion and Thunderstone so far.
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