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Cooking (update with links!)

I had meant to include the links to the recipes i mentioned in the earlier post but i forgot.

Here they are now!

Broccoli soup – no cheese please!

Baked salmon – (for beginners….)

Easy Turkey & Brussels Sprout Quasedilla

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Cooking (update)

I haven’t mentioned my New Year’s Resolutions for a while now. One resolution which is going extremely well is cooking and I’ve now finally reached the milestone of making a dish that does not involve chicken!

  • The first non-chicken dish I’ve tried was broccoli soup and i was really surprised by how well it turned out. I haven’t been able to make it consistently well or the same but that’s more because I’m less methodical than i should. Although i take into consideration the measurements i don’t always have the patience to follow them to the letter. I think this is not only indicative of the way i approach cooking but also my life. I want to be more methodical (and analytical) than i actually am and then i punish myself emotionally when I’m not…

Anyway enough of that and let’s get back to cooking!

  • My most recent success is baked salmon and this has now been added to my cooking list. I have tried it both with vegetables and potatoes. Potatoes i keep screwing up and i’m not sure why. Rice might be another option. Baked salmon is ridiculously easy to make and very tasty. I’m surprised that it’s taken me this long to try it but then i remember that I’ve only started eating salmon this year…..
  • I’ve also made quasedillas (turkey, brussel sprouts and cheese) which turned out to be way too spicy and salty. The recipe had only 2 jalapenos but i added a 3rd and boy it made a huge difference. I think i can get them right next time. I was not too keen on the tortillas i used though. They tasted like plastic and rubber although i haven’t tasted either one.

I will post photos of the dishes i make from now on, with restrained bias towards the ones that look good.

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Posted by on May 2, 2014 in Cooking