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Board games – 1st Quarter 2018 review

Total plays: 97

Fewer total plays but more quality play time. Fewer new games and most of the games i am playing i enjoy quite a bit.

Distinct games: 27

New-to-me games: 11

Ten+ times: 3

Spirit Island (14) , Dragonfire (15) and Pandemic Legacy 2 (12).

Oh yes, two of these are excellent games and i am happy i am playing them so often. Pandemic is a chore but at least i love playing games with this group.

Five+ Times: 2

Charterstone (5), Memoarrr! (5)

Another legacy game i don’t like but the group is great to play with. Memoarrr! is a big hit with the family. The girls always beat me at this game! Very good game.


Acquired: 10
(Sidereal Confluence, Race for the Galaxy, Gloomhaven, Dragonfire, Sakura Wars, Stuffed Fables, Hardback, Sherlock Holmes, Dominion, Quartermaster General: 1914)

Removed: 21

Owned:  188

I have my doubts as to how accurate this number on BGG as i think there are few games i have not marked as previously owned.

Unplayed: 37

Again, i have my doubts as to the accuracy of the number. It has definitely dropped though.

Best New to me:

Quartermaster General: 1914, Gloomhaven, Dragonfire, Phantom Leader Deluxe, Memoarrr!

New 10s: n/a


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