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Video games

A quick rundown.

Return of the Obra Dinn (PC) – finished

One of the best and most refreshing games I’ve played in recent years. It’s a game that i can recommend to almost anyone. I started a second play through to see what hints i missed the first time. Although i did miss things i’m not very likely to continue this second play through. Must

Baba is You (Switch) – currently playing 

Another game that tries to do things differently and succeeds. The kind of puzzle game that makes you feel smart for finding the solution but never stupid for failing. I got stuck for a couple of days on a few levels and then one day i breezed through all of them. Funny how the brain works. You always have a few open levels to try and it’s very important because whenever you feel frustrated at 1-2 there are always others you can try. Highly recommend

Bye Bye BoxBoy (3DS) – currently playing

I’ve really enjoyed my time with this series. Bye Bye is the 3rd game (the 4th was released last week on the Switch which has added co-op for the first time) and although i still find it enjoyable, it has started to feel samey. I play just 1-2 levels every couple of days. Recommend

The Legend of Zelda (Switch) – burned out and unfinished?

After 150hrs+ i feel burned out and feeling bad about not finishing it. Brilliant game and i hope i find the motivation and desire soon to continue playing it.

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Video games

Kingdom: Two Crowns (Switch) – finished

A few days ago a friend of mine came over for board games. We played for 1.5hrs and then for 5-6 hours switched to video games. Most of that time was spent on Kingdom: Two Crowns couch co-op. It was wonderful! It’s so much better to play with someone else to help cover ground on the bigger islands.

The experience reignited my desire to continue my solo campaign and i managed to reach the credits. I had some bad moments with the game (beggars not spawning, having only 1 knight on one side and a few more).  Also there are still things that are almost impossible to know unless you read about them online. My one regret is not being able to fully upgrade my towers.

At the end of the day however it was a very enjoyable experience. It has the Civ quality of just one more turn/day. There are a lot things i have not yet seen but i am probably done after 45+hrs. I would play it again co-op so there’s still that option. Suggest

SteamWorld Heist (Switch) – currently playing

I had started this on the Vita a few years ago but stopped playing after a few hours. I don’t remember why but it had nothing to do with the quality of the game because it’s good!

Although i like the Steamworld Universe i can’t say that the story is any good. However,  most of the characters you recruit are with some good lines. More importantly they are good in combat and feel different. Unless they are taken to battle (and survive) they don’t get XPs and it encourages me to try playing with all of them. Some i like more than others. For example Piper, the captain, is one of my favourites because she affects units around her. Ivanski is  tank with a rocket. I also like Beatrix and Valentine. I just recruited Fen and she/he has fantastic abilities. Like i said they are all good!

I’m trying to get 3 stars on all missions and i managed to do that for all so far (apart from 1). Repeating a level is not a chore as the level changes layout every time. So far there has not really been a need to repeat levels just for grinding purposes. Simply for getting the three stars.

Finally, the loot surprises after each battle are exciting. New weapons and gadgets.  Plus the new abilities of characters after they level up.

This looks like another wonderful game is the brilliant Steamworld series.

Picross 3D (3DS) – currently playing

Still going and i reached level 10. Gold up to Level 8. This is tough but so good!

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Video games

Currently Playing

Picross 3D (DS) – I am playing this on the 3DS and loving it. Completing a level is relatively straight forward but doing it within the time limit to achieve a gold medal takes it to another level. This puzzle game brings out completely different feelings compare to Piczle Lines DX (see below). I become very competitive, focused, frustrated but also determined to get gold for every level. There was 1 level so far where i feel i cheated. I had played it so many times that i had memorised the layout it. After many, many failed attempts to solve it with deduction i finally decided to use my knowledge of the level to solve it within the time limit. It has only happened once so far but i am still on level 7 and there are 10 levels. So we will see. Great, great game and i can’t wait to play Picross 3D Round 2 (3DS) once i am done with this one.

Cave Story + (Switch) – A lot of hype around this one but it has left me mostly irritated so far. It contains 2 things that i dislike. Loose platforming and boss battles. A lot of them. Also there are multiple endings and unless you read wikis there isn’t a way to understand how to unlock the best ending. For the time being i will be happy if i just finish it once so i don’t care what ending i get and i doubt i will come back to it after i am done to replay it.

Crusader Kings II (PC) – I put a pause to this after around 30hrs. I have dynasty in the north of Spain. Very interesting and deep game but obtuse in every way with a lazy tutorial. I think i will need to add 1-2 small expansions to it at some point. This is truly a lifestyle game and it would be more fun if i played it multiplayer with friends.

Xenoshyft (PC) – I played the physical game a couple of games (solo) and to help me refresh the rules i also re-installed the digital version. The implementation does the job and there is a great game here. Again, i wish i played it co-op but i am still enjoying it solo.


Piczle Lines DX (Switch) – After 165 hours or more according to the Switch stats i completed all the puzzles and trophies for the game. Wow! Hours and hours of relaxing game time. One of the most “comforting”puzzle games I’ve played.

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Video games – PC


PC is where the most interesting games are right now for me. I’m not talking about the so-called AAA, blockbuster video games.

I’m talking about games like Papers, Please. Even after so many years and disappointments games can still excite me and surprise me.

What we have here is the literal opposite of the usual power fantasy. You don’t play as anyone special, just a downtrodden citizen of the ominous Soviet-styled nation of Arstotzka in the dying months of 1982. Assigned by a labour lottery to work for the Ministry of Admission, you spend your day stuck in a dank booth at a border checkpoint, responsible for deciding who gets to enter the country and who gets turned away – or worse.

You also need to process enough people and earn money to support your family. Only it’s not that simple.

A truly unique and fantastic game. Eurogamer has an excellent review which does a better job of selling the game than i ever will.

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Nintendo 3DS

2013-06-21 17.52.10

On Friday, i succumbed to my “wants” and went out and bought a Nintendo 3DS. It was and is a guilty purchase since i’m not that into gaming anymore so i don’t know how much value i will get out of it and also it does not feel like the best of times to be spending money on hand helds.

But in the end i got it from Public, together with basically the game that sold the 3DS to me, Fire Emblem: The Awakening. It’s a strategy RPG. Very japanese. Very otaku. Very geeky. And I’m loving in.

I’ve put it a total of around 14-15hrs into it but only progressed around 7hrs. The first 2-3hrs i started on a level that was way too easy and decided to restart. The remaining hours were spent on failed missions.

The battery does not seem to last that long, maybe due to the relatively high 3D setting i have it on which is actually not a bad thing. This keeps me more in control with how much time i spent on it at a time. Because when playing games, time just flies by without noticing it.

It feels like a flash from the past, but not quite. I’m enjoying this immensely and all the stuff that come with it i.e. reading reviews, previews, news, checking out bargains and all the twitter talk. But it definitely does not have the same aura around it. At least not the way it used to. Now i want to split my time on other things and more evenly.

For the time being I’m having a blast with it.

Virion: “Die with magnificence!”


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Strategies for playing at war have offices at the renovated building near the Presidential Palace in Nicosia. I knew the company was behind the MMO World of Tanks but i was under the impression that this was a Russian company. It’s actually Belarusian.


Link – click me!

“Tanks are cool,” says Mr Kislyi, who at 37 was born long after those battles ended. Wearing a well-cut open-neck shirt and a big grin, he looks nothing like a hard-bitten warrior. He does have something to smile about, though. His company has 1,600 emp­loyees, up from 120 three years ago, and revenues have soared from €18m in 2011 to €218m last year, all thanks to World of Tanks.


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Why Board Games Matter

New Statesman

“But I think the main reason why so many video gamers have started board gaming is that it feels like board games are part of the whole indie movement. Look, almost every board game is an indie game. Most board games are created by one person, and that one person is trying to come up with new ideas, or new spins on old ones. When you have a question about some element of the game, you can often just ask the designer. He’ll be on Twitter or something, probably, and will be happy to have you pestering him about a rule clarification. The creator is a human being, not some corporate machine.”


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