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Q2 Internet Radio

My goddaughter’s birthday (6 years old) is coming up next week and she wanted a device so that she could listen to music. Ideally, that something would have been an Ipod touch but it’s far too expensive for a 6 year old. So i got her this Q2 speaker from amazon to listen to internet radio music in her room.

It’s brilliant and because it’s a 2 year old device it’s very reasonably priced now. What Hi-Fi rated it with 5* at GBP90. Easy to setup (simply drag and drop stations) and smart in how you can change the channels and volume levels simply by moving it around.

“No displays, knobs, buttons, switches or dials, simply flip the Q2 Radio to change channels and tilt to adjust the volume.”

I set it up yesterday so that it’s ready to use. If it wasn’t pink i would have kept it for myself. 🙂


Spotify Logo New

Last Sunday i got a text from a friend who lives in London.

“Try Spotify. I think it works in CY.”

I had tried both Spotify and Pandora before but neither provided the service in Cyprus unless you messed around with the network/ip etc. But Spotify is now available (Pandora is not) and it’s fantastic. While i enjoyed Jango for what it was this is on a different level in terms of content and options. With the premium service you can also download albums and listen to them offline.

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Estonia Vs Cyprus

Estonian geeks developed the code behind Skype and Kazaa (an early file-sharing network). In 2007 it became the first country to allow online voting in a general election. It has among the world’s zippiest broadband speeds and holds the record for start-ups per person. Its 1.3m citizens pay for parking spaces with their mobile phones and have their health records stored in the digital cloud. Filing an annual tax return online, as 95% of Estonians do, takes about five minutes. How did the smallest Baltic state develop such a strong tech culture?

The Economist – read more

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