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I finally bought a tablet in September. The Nexus 7 (2013).

The main criteria were:

(a) size (i find the 10inch tablets too heavy and oversized) and

(b) price (Around EUR100-120 cheaper than Galaxy Note 8 and the Ipad Mini). Only the Kindle Fire competes at that price but i can’t use most of the Amazon features in Cyprus.

It looks like a fine tablet so far with some synergies when used with my Samsung phone. For example, once i first logged in to Google it started downloading all my apps and it also has the passwords of all the Wi-Fi hotspots i used with the phone. Which is actually a bit scary to think that Google has all these stored somewhere.

My main concern with the tablet was it’s useage.The tablet is just for consuming media and browsing the internet. I already do more than enough of that with the PC, Kindle and my mobile. With the absence of a physical keyboard it has limited productive use.

So far my concerns have been confirmed with some exceptions. Exceptions which are basically improvements as to how i do things.

Evernote – I had Evernote installed on my PCs and my phone for a long time now but i did not have a lot of use for it. Now, it gets much more use, especially for PDFs. I can now store boardgame manuals without needing to print them, save food recipes, articles and make notes which i can access from anywhere). Also it’s useful for reminders when i’m reading something. Take a screenshot of the webpage, create a note in Evernote and then set a reminder of what i want to do with that webpage. Very smooth and easy. I’m starting to scratch the surface of this fantastic software and it’s because of the tablet.

Get PocketI love my Kindle but there were articles which included photos and videos that were clearly meant to be read on the PC and tablet. Now i’m saving these to Get Pocket which is excellent on the tablet. The rest of the articles i continue save to Instapaper which i then read on Kindle. You can send Instapaper over W-Fi to your Kindle without needing a PC. As far as i know you still can’t do that with Get Pocket not is it supported on Calibre.

All-the-Cooks – In New Year’s Resolutions 2013/14 i mention that i want to do more cooking this year. Clipping recipes on the Evernote is one way to go. Another is using applications like All-The-Cooks. The screen is just right for reading instructions and adding the ingredients to your shopping list. I’m still not convinced that All-the-cooks is the right application for me but for sure the tablet is helping me work towards the learn how to cook goal.

These are what i have right now. I’ve also ordered a bluetooth keyboard to use, especially for Google drive, WordPress and my emails. It’s not for home use but just while i’m on the go. Hopefully, i’ll be able to do more productive work with it.

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