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December ratings

It has not been a good month.

New Year’s Resolutions update (Rating is out of 5 of these [])

  • Travelzero
  • Volunteer – [][]
    I managed to sell a few boardgames for charity, tried to sell some more at an event (but failed) and also donated some foodstuff to charity.
  • Exercise – zero
  • Secret resolution – [][]
  • Health – zero
    Health wise it back to pre-operation levels with my right leg while my left now has the same issues. It’s been bad.


November ratings

This is the first month of ratings with the new New Year’s Resolutions so there has not been that much time to work on them. Happily though, shopping is no longer a resolution because this has been the worst month by far this year. Of course i do most of my Christmas shopping in November and some of Amazon’s deals were just too tempting to resist.

New Year’s Resolutions update (Rating is out of 5 of these [])

  • Travel[][][]
    Holidays in Larnaca together with daily site seeing to the old town, Chirokitia, Stavrobouni and Kourion. Good stuff!
    Also, a weekend excursion with friends to Kalopanayiotis. Loved it, although i was freaking cold! But it’s a great village to visit.
  • Volunteer – zero
  • Exercise – [][
    Some walking done in Larnaca, Nicosia and Kalopanayiotis. Feeling the after affects of the latter though but it felt good nonetheless.
  • Secret resolution – [][]
  • Health – [][][
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New Year’s Resolutions (2)

I am taking more risks this year. This will be a very ambitious list (it’s the same as last year’s!!) but this time with no easy ones to fall back on. I am concentrating on the important areas. In fact, with the exception of one of these resolutions the rest are all carried over from last year.

Travel – I’ve already discussed this in my previous post. I will be doing some “training” by being a tourist in Cyprus to help me use this experience abroad. Of course this resolution needs a budget and planning whether it’s in Cyprus or abroad. Nothing concrete yet but I am investigating some ideas already. Health and money permitting, this looks good.

Volunteer – 3 ideas (a) community service with board games (b) teach economics A/O Level or something for free and (c) Book donation drive or library recommendations or a book club. This will need particular investigation to check what’s possible.

Exercise – Swimming/Cycling/Other – the plan is to get into a schedule of at least 3 days of exercise weekly. This hopefully will include swimming all year round and Sunday cycling. Plus anything else that may be possible to do in the event that these two don’t work out. Swimming will need a lot of trial and error. I could find a thousand excuses for not trying .That’s what I basically did last year.

Should swimming and cycling not work out then there are many other things I can do. I just need to do my research and try them out. Spend more time trying things out rather than moaning about sports and exercises I can no longer do. I know that it will never be the kind of schedule I used to have BA but it should help me get back to a certain level of fitness and exercise. But most importantly it will restore some of my lost sanity.

Secret resolution – I’d like to keep this one to and for myself.

Health – I have left the most difficult and most important one for last. I am more concerned about my mental health this year. I will be fighting a way of thinking and dealing with emotions which has been with me all my life. I want to put an end to this self-destruction. My network of support will be invaluable as I suspect there will still be some dark days and nights ahead. This is the big one. It will be affected by a great number of variables including some mentioned in this post but I am optimistic.

Wish me luck and a happy new year!


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New Year’s Resolutions (1)

It’s not the end of the calendar year. I know.  But for certain things it is. Take my New Year’s Resolutions for example. These have always (always=last 5 years) been decided and set in September. Maybe it’s a remnant from the school and university days but I think it’s a more appropriate time of year to take these decisions.  In fact, I do this process during my vacations which for various reasons I’ve only managed to take in November this year.

Let’s start with a recap of last year’s resolutions which admittedly were a mixed bag.  I was successful in the easier ones while failed in the more important and challenging resolutions.


Shopping – This was an almost perfect score. I’ve considerably reduced my spending on things like books, board games, clothes, video games, dvds, cds, gadgets etc. Also my subscriptions are now down to four magazines and newspapers. I will reduce these even further this year. I am spending more time enjoying and appreciating what I already have, instead of continuously looking around and buying. As far as shopping is concerned I can say I am very happy with the results. Achievement unlocked.

Blogging – I am also quite happy with how the blogging went and frankly I am surprised. I did not expect that I would do it in such regular fashion. There were times when there was simply nothing to write about and other times when I was just too distracted to bother. But still the posts were published one way or another. In the form of quotes either from movies or books. As recommendations of articles I read and of media entertainment I enjoyed. Finally, of course, the more personal posts. The quality of the writing has been mediocre. Although that was never the point I do wish there was more improvement. Regardless, like I’ve already said, I am happy with how it went and again I consider it to have been a success. Achievement unlocked.

Health – I wish I could say I was happy about this one but I am not. It was in fact the most important resolution and probably the one I failed the most. Of course, health is not always under our control but to the extent that it was I did not do all I could have done until late in the year.  Especially with regards to my mental health, as I’ve been driving myself to crazy for the most part of the year. It was not a completely negative year however as I have been pro-active in getting treatment with Biologic medication, getting an arthroscopic operation and more. Borderline FAIL.

Exercise With exercise however it was a complete failure. I can come up with a thousand excuses of why this and why that but it’s because I did not try hard enough. I had some setbacks but I was easily put off. There are so many things I can do, even with my arthritis, and I only tried 2-3. I should have persevered.  FAIL.

Health and exercise will be on next year’s resolutions. More on that later.

Volunteer – Here again is another fail. I made some enquiries but they were half-hearted at best. I just told people I was interested in some volunteer work and hoped for some calls back. There is not a lot I can write about this but this one also will be on next year’s resolutions. FAIL.

Travel – This was a different kind of fail. It was a fail with a promise. Apart from the 3 days at 3 Elies there was nothing else. However, this year (i.e. after September) started well. I spent my vacations in Larnaca again but this time made some solo travelling. A tourist in Cyprus. I visited Kourion (the highlight), Chirokitia, Stravrovouni, the Medieval Castle and St. Lazarus church amongst other places. This may sound like nothing to most people but for me it was huge. I’ve never be able to do solo traveling and I am hoping this year will be different. Again this one stays on next year’s resolutions. FAIL but with a promise.


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Mini resolutions

1. To re-read at least one book a year. At the moment i am  re-reading 2 books. The first is When Nietzsche Wept, by Irvin D. Yalom which i had previously read in Mukonos in 2004. It’s a greek translation and it is actually the last book in greek i read. It’s been a while. The other book is The Diving Bell and The Butterfly which i just read not more than a month ago.

2. Play a board game i own 100 times before i buy a new one. Currently my most played board games are Summoner Wars, Dominion with 25 plays and Yomi with 24. The purpose is to pay more attention and appreciate the games i already own before spending any more money on games.

To be honest i am comfortable with the 1st resolution and it will be more than just 1 book a year but i think i am being a bit optimistic with the 2nd one…..


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September ratings

New Year’s Resolutions update (Rating is out of 5 of these [])

  • Health – [][
  • Blogging –[][][][
  • Exercise – zero
  • Travel – zero
  • Teaching/Training/Volunteering – zero
  • Shopping – [][][


August ratings

New Year’s Resolutions update (Rating is out of 5 of these [])

  • Health – [][][
  • Blogging –[][][][][
  • Exercise – zero
  • Travel – [
  • Teaching/Training/Volunteering – []
  • Shopping – [][][][][
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