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Movie of the week – Drinking Buddies

Sometimes a movie without been exceptional, just hits all the right spots.

Weekend trips, office parties, late night conversations, drinking on the job, marriage pressure, biological clocks, holding eye contact a second too long… you know what makes the line between “friends” and “more than friends” really blurry? Beer.

Drinking Buddies


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Movie of the week – Despicable Me 2

I thought the first one was good. This is very good.

Despicable Me 2


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Movie of the week – The Way Way Back

I have a soft spot for coming of age movies. Maybe it’s because i’m still going through mine! The Way Way Back is such kind of movie and it’s a wonderful one as well.

The Way, Way Back


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Movie of the week – A Hijacking

Those silly Scandinavians. They really know how to make good films and tv series.

Tensions are high after a Danish freighter is captured and held for ransom by Somali pirates, leading to weeks of high-stakes negotiations

A Hijacking


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Movie of the week – L’ordre et la morale

I’ve been fortunate with my documentary choices lately. L’ordre et la morale (Rebellion), a drama based on actual events, is another one worth recommending.

A man struggles to defuse an explosive situation with tragic results in this drama based on actual events. After a band of Kanak separatists under the leadership of Alphonse Dianou seize a police station on Ouvea Island, part of the French colony of New Caledonia, twenty-six officers are taken hostage and three are killed. Mitterand assigns counter-terrorism expert Capt. Philippe Legorjus to deal with the situation, but while Legorjus and his associates attempt to negotiate for the freedom on the policemen, Chirac makes headlines by demanding that military force be used to take back the hostages.



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Movie of the week – Tomboy

Top film

“What does it mean to be a girl, now? How do mothers and fathers sort out their responsibilities in shaping a gendered child? How is a ten-year-old girl like or different from her six-year-old sister? How do your friends assess you as a girl or a boy and why does it matter that you are one or the other? How does kissing or flirting or fighting shape how you feel about yourself or how someone else feels about you? And how do your feelings intersect with anyone else’s? Why does it matter that you assume and act out a single gender, when you’re ten? It’s a terrific set of questions. And Tomboy lets you imagine your own answers.”



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Movie of the week – MUD

Magic Mike, Killer Joe and now this. I did not believe i’d say this but Matthew McConaughey is turning out to be a very good actor. His best performance yet in an excellent film, despite being spoiled slightly at the end. Full marks to the two teen actors as well.

A drama centered on two teenage boys who encounter a fugitive and pact to help him escape from an island in the Mississippi.



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