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T.G.I Zolos: 11 May 2012

As the week ends today this is a brief round-up on (mostly) the things i’ve read, watched and played over this past week. Maybe this will be like a weekly diary. Time will tell. So…

  • TV Series: I am over the halfway mark (Ep. 6) of the 2nd season of HBO’s Game of Thrones series and i’ve got to admit that i am enjoying it more than the first season. I almost gave up on it around episodes 5-7 during season 1. Having said that i am still on the neutral side. If for some reason i could not watch the rest of the series i would not mind. Everything feels so small scale about it and anything that is interesting about it (e.g. characters and the intrigue) i credit it to the books and not the TV show. Although i have not read the books it seems that the writer’s (and HBO’s) involvement in this series is a huge benefit to it. For example i never got the feeling that the episode i just watched was a filler like i do in other series, especially those on network tv.
  • Movies: I finally watched 50/50 after hearing positive comments from some friends and yes i agree with them.  It’s a good movie. My only gripe with it was the girlfriend as i felt it was a missed opportunity to do something more interesting with that character. This is a movie i’d recommend to almost anyone. Another movie i enjoyed is Shame which tackles sex addiction and intimacy issues. I thought the leading actor’s performance was fantastic and it’s one of those movies that sticks with you long after you are done watching it. However, in contrast to 50/50 this is not a movie i’d recommend to everyone mostly because of the subject matter and how “open” the movie is about it. Finally, i watched Young Adult which felt flat to me with the only highlight being Patton Oswalt’s character.
  • Books: I finished The Venus Fix by M.J Rose which earned the first 1* opinion of the year in my Books page. It’s amazing how a crime thriller around a topic like online porn addiction can be so boring. I started reading Money of the Art of Living series but i could not get into it. I think i may need a short break from books.
  • Boardgames: I played with some friends the deduction game Code 777 which i enjoyed quite a bit although it seems that i am really weak at this kind of game. Each player is allocated 3 numbers but has access only to the other players’ numbers and not his own. By asking ready-made questions which come with the game you need to guess the numbers which are in front of you. I made a couple of significant errors in the rules (even though the rules are just 2 paragraphs..) which will change the flow of the game quite a bit. This looks like a game i will keep in my collection.
    With my regular boardgame group we played In The Year of the Dragon, a game i had not played for over a year. I have not played any other game which is similar to it and i like it a lot. But it has a significant issue which is that the winners in our games so far always choose the same strategy. It is a very strong strategy when playing with people who do not have significant experience with the game. I am giving it the benefit of the doubt so far hoping that it only breaks the game because we are new to it and still exploring other strategies.
  • Football: Europa League Final……. Bielsa’s Athletic Bilbao has been one of the highlights of this season. Watching them play against Man Utd at Old Trafford was one of the best footballing experiences i’ve ever had. They had been brilliant all the way to the final. But on that final night they were out played by a very good Atl. Madrid. Although Atl. Madrid definitely deserved to win that game i felt that Bilbao would have been the more worthy winners of the tournament. I am hoping we will see more of this team before the bigger clubs come and buy everyone….
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