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Friday: Timesheet submitted

Weekly highlights in random order.

Justified 3


  • New board game acquisition – City of Remnants. Alien Gangs fighting it out to dominate a city. Can’t wait!
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness movie – Although i enjoyed it i did not love it. Wanted more Trekkie stuff. More exploration and character development than action. I wanted more Spock and less Kirk. Still the best Sci-fi space movie series at the moment though. Sorry Star Wars fans….
  • Justified Season 4. Loved season 1, enjoyed season 2 but it’s all falling apart now. Charm can only take a series so far. Halfway through season 4 it’s most likely going to be my last. Still love the Kentucky setting though.
  • A week of great lunches!
  • Weekend discussion on the merits of having an HR department (or not).
  • Thursday’s Cyprus Board Gamers meeting at Ayioi Omologites. Played outside in the inner courtyard of the workshop. Cool summer night breeze, two lovely games (Neue Heimat & Metropolys) and good company. Only a glass of wine missing!

City of Remnants

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Friday: Timesheet submitted

My weekly highlights in no particular order!


  • Playing Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS. Frederick: “Pick a God and pray!”. Love it!
  • I got a 2Kg medicine ball! You can do some great exercises with this thing.
  • I’m still ploughing through The Rise and Fall of Third Reich but it’s been a great read. I’m around 50% into it which is 600+ pages and i don’t want it to end. It’s that good. One of the best non-fiction books i’ve ever “read”.
  • Ofto & Tavas at Adoulwth Keryneia with good company.
  • It’s been a while since i watched a great documentary but i was fortunate enough to watch two this past long weekend. They were both fantastic. The Gatekeepers and The Act of Killing. The latter is quite a tough watch so make sure you are up for it, but both are a MUST WATCH!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mine starts with a (re-)viewing of Star Trek (2009) tonight (together with the customary pop corn) to prepare for Star Trek : Into Darkness.

The Act of KillingThe Gatekeepers



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Friday: Timesheet submitted

Long weekend ahead as Monday is a public holiday in Cyprus. Have a great one!!!

My weekly highlights. It’s been a week of firsts and seconds.

  • The Spanish girl who reads, Paula
  • Watching Monsieur Lazhar for the 2nd time, this time with my sister
  • Finishing and loving Kafka on the Shore for the 2nd time
  • Beethoven’s Archduke Trio which plays its part in Kafka on the Shore. Then the Kafka on the Shore song
  • Talking about 3DS video games with my twitter buddies. On my way to buy a 3DS now.

6d63b15ec2125ab80374ea707060e7d13dsxlboxMonsieur Lazhar



Friday: Timesheet submitted


My weekly highlights…..

1. My patience tank for the accounting profession is running on reserve.

2. My client facing skills.

3. PASYDY going on strike to protest against layoffs in Greece.

4. The fact that buying this generation’s consoles is not in my thoughts and plans.


5. Days like this…

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Friday: Timesheet submitted

My highlights of this past week.

1. Morning swim. The water is still pretty cold but you get used to it and then it’s pure bliss

2. Love the weather of the past couple of weeks. If only it was like that throughout the entire summer.

3. A great Champions League Final gathering.

4. Arrival of Inotaizu, Die Aufsteiger and Neue Heimat!! Heimat

5. Top of The Lake mini-series and the movie The Man from Earth (thx for the tip Tech Support Guy).

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