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Cypriot Tourist in Cyprus (2)

When travelling by car, great music is critical as it makes the journey from just a chore to being a pleasure instead. Sometimes i wished i could drive a while longer just so that i could finish the track.

Dire Straits ‘ first album kept me company most of the time on the road.

Every single song in this album is magical but my favourites are Down To The Waterline, Water for Love, Sultans of Swing and Wild West End.

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A Cypriot tourist in Cyprus (1)

If you’d like to be made self-conscious of what you are doing then you should try being a tourist in Cyprus. The reaction you will receive can be as follows:

“I thought you were one of the teachers.” – The polite person in charge at the Larnaca Medieval Fort. While i was visiting the fort there were about 3-4 classes of elementary school kids.

“Mastre” – Monk at the entrance of the Stavrovouni Monastery. He wanted me to leave the camera in the car. It’s a place of worship not a tourist attraction. Hmm….Just wait a few hundred years…

“Are you a bus driver or a visitor?” – The seller at the Kourion canteen while i was paying for my croissant and bottle of water. I admitted to being the latter but i think i would have got a discount had i said bus driver.

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