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Board games (storage and clear out)

As mentioned several times already, in 2014 I went through a crazy buying spree of board games. Although the number of my plays has also increased i still can’t keep up.

I had been meaning to have some wall shelves installed for some time now and the recent spree only made it more urgent. This is now currently my main setup for board games storage.

2014-08-09 08.24.36

The plan was to get rid of the small bookcase but it does not look like it’s happening soon as I don’t want to over load the wall shelves.

2014-08-09 08.24.50


My most recent purchase is the expansion to Eldritch Horror, which i have already played 6 times (5 base game plus 1 with the expansion) so i consider that as a “sensible” purchase. Also i’m still waiting for delivery of 4 Kickstarter games later this year (below).


Coup Reformation, Septikon: Uranium Wars, Two Rooms and a Boom, Steam Donkey.

I definitely need to put a stop to more acquisitions possibly for at least the remaining of the year. However, If i say that i won’t buy anything i don’t think it will be realistic. Nemo’s War (2nd Edition) is a game i already have in mind but i think it’s not coming out in 2014 anyway.

So i’d say i can buy just 1 more game this year and i will also try and clear out a few games.

At this point in time i have around 20 or so games I haven’t played. I’d like to play at least half of the un-played games i already own.


These are the games which either i have already made up mind i want to get rid of or i’m thinking about it.

  • Risk (sell/give away)
    I had sold this to a friend a year ago but he returned it to me to give it away as he was not going to play it after all. Unless anyone else wants to keep it i think i will donate it to the Workshop where we hold our Cyprus Board gamers meetings.
  • Madeira (sell)
    I got 2 copies of this game in the last EU Maths Trade so i need to get rid of one.
  • Bohnanza (sell)
    I bought this last year, opened it but never played it. I should never have bought it in the first place since it’s not a game i want to try or play.
  • Bears (sell)
    A cute little game but i got bored with it.
  • Zombie Dice + Expansion (sell)
    Same as with Bears.
  • Puerto Rico (sell)
    This is a good game but i rarely have fun playing it. It’s very strange because it ticks almost all the boxes for what i consider to be a good game. Good decisions, interactive and plays within a reasonable amount of time. However, apart from the fact that i don’t like as much as i would like almost everyone else in my group owns a copy so i can afford not to have it in my collection.
  • Chinatown (Undecided)
    I have only played this once and I want to play this more and decide. I don’t have any other game similar to this but it seems to be a a difficult game to get to the table.
  • Splendor (Undecided)
    This is a game that has already seen a lot of plays considering how recently i bought it. It’s very easy to teach, quick to play and has wonderful components. Yet, it has not clicked with me for some reason. Maybe it’s the engine building aspect which is one of my least favourite aspects in games. Also a friend of mine owns a copy so once again, it’s not a game i feel i need to have in the collection.







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The Resistance – a board game

The Resistance

The Resistance exemplifies why i got into board games. Board games provide social interaction but with a purpose.

The Resistance is actually not a board game even though it does have a small board. It’s a card game. A card game which provides the loose framework in the form of very basic rules for a group of people to interact. This interaction is in the form of deduction, role playing, voting, trust and deception. It’s all about the people who are playing.

It plays with 5 to 10 people and it plays in 30mins. You need around 7-8 people to get the best out of the game. Also the willingness of these people to role play makes or breaks it.

I won’t go through the rules, I’ve given you the gist of it. What it feels like playing it. If you want to learn more about the rules, watch this tutorial.

But i will tell you this…..

What is The Resistance?

There is a group, The Resistance, which is fighting against an oppressive regime. The group has missions to complete. Among the resistance members however, there are government spies who have infiltrated the group and want to sabotage the missions.

The Resistance members don’t know who the spies are.

But the spies know one another.

Now the game starts.

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Boardgames Cafe

It’s an idea that’s been going round in my head lately after finding out about a boardgame cafe in Toronto, Canada. It’s called Snakes and Lattes and it’s a cafe with a collection of over 2.000 games which people can choose from to play.

The business plan is quite optimistic and aggressive as they charge CAD5 (EUR3.9) per adult and CAD2.5 (EUR1.95) per child. That’s on top of anything you drink or eat. That sounds quite a lot but it makes sense because you need to make sure you can cover the wear and tear of all these games. The cafe of course organises special game nights and also has recommendations for games of the week. It also sells a limited number of boardgames but i don’t think that’s an important revenue source. It mostly complements the service offered there and it provides the opportunity for people to try out different games and if they prove such a hit to be bought on the spot.

Snakes and Lattes first opened its doors in 2010 so it seems that its approach is working so far. Would an idea like that work in Cyprus? I don’t know. Because you are not only catering to a very small market (Toronto>Nicosia) but also a very immature market where board games are concerned. There are some cafes that cater to the pilota lovers or the occasional Taboo game but they don’t charge anything extra. So as far business plans are concerned these are just regular cafes.

By charging extra, let’s say EUR4 per adult you will have to compete with other forms of entertainment such as movies which cost EUR8 or going out for a drink. This means that it will be difficult to convince people that it’s worth paying for, especially now that everyone is a lot more cost conscious. Also, people are not aware of most of these games so you need to overcome the barrier of not only the idea of boardgames but also the learning curve of the individual board game. So, you will need to have someone there available to explain the rules of games to people that want to play. It’s actually something that Snakes and Lattes does but i am not sure to what extent.

So, to summarize:

  • Small market for a niche service/product
  • Even though you offering something unique you will still be compared to a highly competitive cafe market
  • Immature board games market
  • Expensive when compared to regular cafes and comparable to other night out options.

It does not look promising.

As it is highly unlikely that there will be enough people for 5-7 days a week what one could do is have the cafe open only on weekends and maybe on public holidays. At the same time though costs will need to be covered regardless of the number of days the cafe is operating e.g. rent.

It looks like a dead end, but maybe someone will pick up the idea and go for it. There is definitely no demand right now for such a place but could it be created?


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