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What’s cheaper than coffee in Cyprus?

514px-Capuccino_freddo_1Whenever i used to go past a packed coffee shop in Cyprus i wondered why would people pay EUR2-5 for a coffee. I’ve come to realise though that unless people invite you over to their home, you can’t get a cheaper form of entertainment or leisure than that.  Not to mention that you have the opportunity to let your kids’ wrath loose on strangers for a few hours something which most parents do…..

I’ve been trying to come up with other forms of entertainment/leisure.

Dinner is definitely more expensive unless you manage to locate a good and probably obscure souvlaki shop. Of course you are paying for food and not coffee but it is still a matter of spending 2-3hrs outside your home. In this respect it is comparable.

Movies again more expensive (and don’t get me started on 3D movies) and there you depend on (a) quality of the movie but that’s mostly down to your selection and (b) the people in the theatre with you. My experience is that it’s more likely than not to be ruined by the latter.

I imagine you can go to a park like the one in Akropolis or Athalassa but unless you take beverages with you that’s still going to end up more pricey.

So, how can you be entertained outside your own home in Cyprus? Does it even cost less than a coffee at Arabica, Starbucks, Presse, Costa etc?


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Presence, Not Praise: How To Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Achievement

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“Nowadays, we lavish praise on our children. Praise, self-confidence and academic performance, it is commonly believed, rise and fall together. But current research suggests otherwise — over the past decade, a number of studies on self-esteem have come to the conclusion that praising a child as ‘clever’ may not help her at school. In fact, it might cause her to under-perform. Often a child will react to praise by quitting — why make a new drawing if you have already made ‘the best’? Or a child may simply repeat the same work — why draw something new, or in a new way, if the old way always gets applause?”

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Dubious Quality

It’s because of blog posts like this one that Bill Harris is one of my favourite bloggers.



Today feels too much like yesterday

I need. No. I want to add some variety in my life. Today seems too similar to yesterday all too often these days. In this struggle against the sameness of life and also my fear of trying out new things I’ve been looking for inspiration. I think i may have found it in Matt Cutts and his “Try something new for 30 days” TED talk which you can watch here.

“The next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not, so why not think about something you have always wanted to try and give it a shot for the next 30 days?”

I have a few ideas already. Some of them will remain just ideas in my head. But others can be pursued further. Included in this list are self-discipline challenges i.e. depriving myself of something. However, this comes relatively easy to me. I would prefer to get out of my comfort zone AND do something positive in the process. Ideally, something creative or a community contribution. Whatever the case, i am good with anything that will lift my spirits up. At the end of the day all i am looking for are ideas which will encourage me to see life in a different light and allow some experimentation with everyday life.

“It doesn’t need to be anything huge, either. Something small is easily sustainable, and can still help make your time more memorable, and even help you learn a thing or two about yourself”

Below are the ideas I’ve come up with myself and also found on other blogs. I am looking for more so i am open to suggestions!

Try Something New for 30 Days – Ideas

  • Write a novel
  • Design a board game
  • Don’t eat meat
  • Teach something new to someone every day
  • Have a conversation every day with someone i rarely speak to
  • No news
  • Learn a language as much as possible
  • No sending txts
  • No TV
  • Make a list of things i am thankful for. 1/day.
  • Make a list of things i am proud of. 1/day
  • Meditate for 10-20 mins/day
  • No social media
  • Read a short story every day
  • No smartphone
  • Go left handed
  • No caffeine
  • Listen to a random/new song. 1/day.
  • Read a random blog post every day.
  • Take a picture every day.
  • No complaining.
  • Learn as much as possible about a specific subject/event/person etc
  • 30-45 mins walk every day
  • Swimming every day

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What do the articles i read say about me?

It’s strange.

My life is at a point where having a family is not even on the horizon. Neither mentally nor practically. Yet, many of the articles i read, i should say, choose to read are about people having a child and what compromises they may have to make. Especially mothers. Articles about the early development of young children, whether it’s about the way they are raised or even what games to play with them.

Once i read these i then proceed and share them with friends who already have kids or are expecting.

But what does it say about me?

Do i deep down desire my own family or am i reading about this because it’s everywhere around me?  Honestly, i can’t say it’s the former. I just don’t see it unless it’s a subconscious thing. But then why am i so interested in this?

I am also drawn to articles of management at work. But this i can connect with the articles on self-identity and purpose in life which i am also particularly interested. This makes more sense to me as i feel i am a crossing point in life. I don’t know whether it’s as significant as it appears to be and whether there is as much future as there is past after this crossing but it’s actually what keeps my up at night. Plus, I never remember my dreams.

I do remember a time when all i was reading about was football, video game and defence (!!!) magazines. I miss those calmer and less stressful times.

So, what do the articles i read say about me now?

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Begin with the end in mind

For a long time now i’ve been trying to see, or rather, visualize myself in the future but i have been unable to do so. Not in my work nor in my personal life. It’s impossible of course to know how things will turn out in 1 year’s time let alone in 20 or 30 years. However, not knowing where and how i want to be at that time affects my actions today. I often get caught up in the routine and details of daily life, which however enjoyable or not they might be, they can be unimportant none the less to what i ultimately value. This is something that i’ve been mulling over often lately.

I am reading Stephen R.Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It’s a self help book which is not a genre of books i am usually interested in. In fact, this is the first ever such book i am reading. I am doing so at the same time as a friend of mine and we are exchanging views and ideas on it.

I just finished Habit 2 which is called, Begin With The End In Mind, and it has struck a chord with me because i’ve never managed to do it. Not in the long run and not for more than specific events in life, such as my professional qualification period.

Covey offers a method to do so, which although sounds extremely cheesy and a very “American” way of thinking, it makes sense to me.

He says,

“The most effective way i know to begin with the end in mind is to develop a personal mission statement or philosophy or creed. It focuses on what you want to be (character) and to do (contributions and achievements) and on the values and principles upon which being and doing are based.”

Covey also presents an example of how one can get lost in the wrong approach in life.

“Suppose, for example, that i am highly overreactive to my children. Suppose that whenever they begin to do something i feel is inappropriate, i sense an immediate tensing in the pit of my stomach. I feel defensive walls go up; I prepare for battle. My focus is not on the longer term growth and understanding but on the short-term behaviour. I am trying to win the battle, not the war.”

This is how i approach many aspects of my life. I am trying to win individual battles but not the wars. Whether these wars relate to my work, leisure, love life, relationships with family and friends, character development or contributions to the world i live in.

I know all these sound cheesy, in a throw up kind of way, but i think that writing down a personal mission statement can help you see the end. Which is why i have already started drafting mine.

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Noriaki Imai

“A fifth of the population (of Zambia) is infected with HIV and the average life expectancy is just 46. But i sensed hope in their eyes. I came back to Japan and got on the train and everyone looked so gloomy.”

Noriaki Imai

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