Top 5 new-to-me of 2018 (so far)

02 Jul

So, the first 6 months of the year have gone by and I’ve learned 20 new games. This is my top 5 in descending order of plays.

The Mind (30) – This game is such a breath of fresh air. Whatever i say about this won’t do it justice. You need to play it.

Azul (7) – Very solid, fast and beautiful abstract game. Plays well with 2-3 players, yet to play it with 4.

Gloomhaven (6) – The best dungeon crawler I’ve played. Almost lived up to the hype. Almost.

Quartermaster General: 1914 (4) – This is what i wanted from the original QMG. Each power to be controlled by a different player. A lot easier to do that with 5 players compared to the 6 players of the original. Great game!

Fog of Love (3) – Still trying to wrap my head around what kind of game this is. But i am enjoying the process quite a bit.

What’s your Top 5/10?

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