Board games in 2015

26 Jan

It’s good to have a sense of direction if not purpose with a hobby and that’s why I’m setting myself some board game goals for 2015. This hobby has given me a lot so far. It has made me more social and as a result I met some wonderful people along the way. It has also forced me to deal with my anger and bitterness issues and although i still have some way to go in order to be at a point I’m happy to be, the difference I’ve seen is a powerful motivator.


Ok, ok, this is my list of goals!

10 x 10 Challenge
As i mentioned in my Board Games in 2014 post the most enjoyable games proved to be the ones i replayed the most. So even though i failed in last year’s challenge to play 10 games 10 times the challenge gave me a sense of direction. This is my 2015 list for now. I’ve already played 8 of these games while 2 are completely new to me. Solo plays don’t count.

Last year we had 3 major events with the Cyprus Board Gamers group. The 1st Cyprus International Tabletop Day, Cyprus Comic Con and the Saturday of Board Games. All three were fantastic events for us and i’d like us to build on them. Unfortunately this year, International Tabletop Day is on 11 April which is the Saturday before Easter so we will have to do it on a different date.  What we will also do is spread out more events over the year. Organising events that include a younger crowd is also on the to-do list.

There’s only 1 game i know i’m definitely purchasing as soon as it’s released and that is Nemo’s War. I’m also expecting two kickstarter games (Two Rooms and a Boom and Omen: A Reign of War and Hemloch both of which i backed in 2014) to finally ship this year. Aside from that, my target is to buy just 2 games in 2015. The priority is to play the games i already own and also slim down my collection.

Finally, if i’m to invest as much time in this hobby in 2015 as i did in 2014 then i might as well do some good with it. I think that the Cyprus Board Gamers Group has grown and matured enough so that it can run itself, at least more than in previous years. That will free up some time for other board game related ideas. I’m not sure how this will work but it can be sessions at care homes or at community centres for young people. It can also involve fundraising through playing. This is my most challenging goal but also the most rewarding.

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