New Year’s Resolutions 2013/14 (review)

01 Sep

It’s September again and time for me to review how i fared with last year’s resolutions.

Cooking – This is one of my successes this year. I’m now adding a dish every month or so to my “portfolio”. The latest additions are two potato salad variants. Over the year i have added a few more including broccoli soup and baked salmon. I still need to master these dishes and so far the cooking has mostly been for personal enjoyment. This last Sunday i cooked salmon with vegetables for the family and it was great! The potato salad on the other hand was a disaster…. I enjoy cooking for others which is something i want to do more often and i’m also considering taking cooking lessons this year.  Achieved

Reading – To some extent this has been achieved. For example I read a couple of articles and books on WWI (fiction and non-fiction). I also read fiction books written by the same authors or with settings of the same period and area (Asia). In truth however my interests are more general. I don’t want to go too in-depth even though in theory i like the idea. I prefer to read about new things even if this keeps my knowledge to a more superficial level. Partially Achieved

Teaching – Unfortunately i did not do anything related to this. Fail

Emotional/Short-tempered – I’d like to believe that I’ve shown some improvement. Board games have helped to this end as the social aspect forces me to behave better and control my emotions. Also a person whom i consider to be the most recent addition to my circle of friends has also helped me to see things and people differently. More positively. Finally, spending time with my nieces has helped me relax more and at the same time be more patient. There’s still room for improvement though. Partially Achieved.

Events – I attended a few events (same number as last year probably) but i’m very proud for the International Tabletop Day i helped organise. One of the highlights of my year. I need to do this kind of stuff more often. Partially Achieved.

Secret Resolution – No improvement and carried over to 2014/15. Fail

Health – There’s been a deterioration compared to last year. Both mentally and physically. One of the effects of this is that i had to reduce my exercise time from 40 mins to 20 mins a day. Headaches have also become common whereas i never used to have them. I’m hoping that by focusing on the important issues and the source of the stress in my life this year i can improve on this. Fail

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