How to rate a children’s book?

05 Oct

Following Paula’s Bookish Highlights post and inspired by Why You’re Never Too Old to Read Children’s Books i went on to read Jute’s Charmed Life: Chameleon’s Cloak after Bill Harris‘ recommendation.

It’s not simply a children’s book but a girls’ book. I’m not sure whether it’s in spite of it being a girl’s book or because of it but i enjoyed it a lot. It was written by an amateur author for his daughter. I wish i had someone i could recommend this to but alas, the children i know are all too young and also have not mastered the english language yet.

I mentioned this to my aunt and she said “why don’t you just translate it to greek?”

I’m probably not up to the task to do a full on translation but maybe i could condense it and convert it as an even shorter story? It would definitely be better if i could find someone who would narrate it as i’m too dry, rigid (aka boring) to do that.

I’ve not discounted the challenge completely. It just requires some thought.

So now you are wondering about the title of the blog post. Well, although i enjoyed Jute’s Charmed Life i found it difficult to rate. As entertainment i would probably give it a 4/5 but i would prefer if it offered more than that. I would like children’s books to be more than just entertainment and Jute’s Charmed Life is a bit superficial and black or white in how it deals certain things, like friendships and loneliness. Maybe i’m overthinking it.

But my question stands.

How should you rate a children’s book?


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2 responses to “How to rate a children’s book?

  1. Paula (Find a girl who reads)

    October 5, 2013 at 19:49

    It’s hard to rate a children’s book. If I had to I would focus on how entertaining is it, not that much in its depth. In my opinion, characters in children’s books need to be either good or bad and things black or white. Kids are not aware yet that there are always shades of grey. Although, there are authors that are able to write masterly simple stories with nuances that satisfy the eye of the kid and the adult as well.

  2. Costas Taliadoros

    October 6, 2013 at 14:53

    I’m torn about this.

    I have the book on the kindle on the final page waiting for me to rate it for the past few days but i have not made up my mind yet.


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