New Year’s Resolutions 2013/14

23 Sep

I’ll be brief.

Two (Secret & Health) of the resolutions are carried over from last year, three are skill based (Cooking, Reading, Teaching), one relates to a character flaw i have (Short-tempered) and finally the last one is a variant of last year’s Travel resolution (Events).

Here we go:

Cooking – I want to put more effort and thought into what i eat. Partly for the end result (better food, hopefully!) but also for the process. Cooking can be a quite relaxing and satisfying experience. I’ve seen this with the limited cooking i’m already doing. It’s a skill i’d like to improve. There’s the issue of finding the time to do this and dealing with the mess after. The problem is that cooking a meal for one or two/three people usually means more or less the same cleanup. But i’ve made up my mind. Cooking is the new skill i want to develop this year.

Reading – Focus my reading on less broad areas of interest and also get better at it. I find myself spending too much time going from one article or book to the next without thinking about what i’ve read. So less time reading and more time analyzing what i’m reading!

Teaching – Although i’ve put it as a resolution i don’t expect to fully pursue this one yet but it’s something i’ve had on my mind for some time now. I just want to put it here to force me to explore a few possibilities.

Emotional/Short-tempered – This is one of my many character flaws. It’s not as simple as it appears from the outside as there are a lot of factors contributing to why i’m like this. Whatever the reasons behind it however i hate this about me. It will be difficult to assess how successful i’m with this resolution but i’ll figure it out along the way.

Events – Go to more events. Whether it’s festivals about music, film, photography, talks, seminars or whatever. This year i went to Hack Cyprus 2013 which i found to be extremely interesting. There are things about Cyprus that still surprise me. For example, that there is a Cypriot toy company!! In fact i bought my first game from them the other day for my goddaughter. There’s a lot of stuff happening out there. This year i want to find out what they are.

Secret Resolution – Continues from 2012/13

Health – Continues from 2012/13

Happy New Year! 😉



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