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17 Jul

For the past month or so i’ve started using youtube videos to get my exercise fix. I’ve been streaming them (via mob) on my tv which is pretty handy and relatively trouble free. The exercises i’ve been doing are more focused on toning, abs/obliques and low impact cardio.

Most of these exercises involve no extra equipment apart from an exercise mat. I bought a physio ball more than a year ago but i never used it and recently acquired a medicine ball as well. I love the latter but i’ve been disappointed with the former. The physio ball also takes up a lot of space in the apartment so i’m thinking of getting rid of it.

In order to keep my interest and motivation high for these exercises i’m switching the schedule a bit every other week and introducing new exercises. There is an abundance on excellent videos on Youtube. Fitness Bender for example have some great videos and are all available for free.

My aim is to keep the different exercise schedules around 30-40mins with limited break time.

These are two of my current favourite videos.

Train like an Athlete Interval Training – At Home Cardio and Toning Boot Camp

In the first video i’ve substituted a few leg/calf/foot exercises with easier ones with less impact to minimise the pain. The final exercise in this video is simply fantastic. It’s called the “Push up planks” at 14:50.


Flat Belly Workout – Abs and Obliques Workout to Tone Stomach

The second video it’s all about the abs/obliques and this is a tough one. I have yet to managed to do both rounds and all the 8 exercises (50 seconds each). In this video my favourite is “Plank Knee Tucks” at 3:36.


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