Friday: Timesheet submitted

05 Jul

Weekly highlights in random order.

Justified 3


  • New board game acquisition – City of Remnants. Alien Gangs fighting it out to dominate a city. Can’t wait!
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness movie – Although i enjoyed it i did not love it. Wanted more Trekkie stuff. More exploration and character development than action. I wanted more Spock and less Kirk. Still the best Sci-fi space movie series at the moment though. Sorry Star Wars fans….
  • Justified Season 4. Loved season 1, enjoyed season 2 but it’s all falling apart now. Charm can only take a series so far. Halfway through season 4 it’s most likely going to be my last. Still love the Kentucky setting though.
  • A week of great lunches!
  • Weekend discussion on the merits of having an HR department (or not).
  • Thursday’s Cyprus Board Gamers meeting at Ayioi Omologites. Played outside in the inner courtyard of the workshop. Cool summer night breeze, two lovely games (Neue Heimat & Metropolys) and good company. Only a glass of wine missing!

City of Remnants

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