The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion

06 Jun

‘His behavior is completely predictable. You don’t have his genes. Male lions kill the cubs from previous matings when they take over a pride.’

‘Thanks for that information.’

‘I can recommend some further reading if you are interested. You seem quite intelligent for a barmaid.’

‘The compliments just keep on coming.’

It seemed i was doing well, and i allowed myself a moment of satisfaction which i shared with Rosie.

‘Excellent. I’m not proficient at dating. There are so many rules to remember.’

‘You’re doing okay,’ she said. ‘Except for staring at my boobs.’ ………………………………..


…………………..Rosie finished her wine. She seemed to be thinking about something. It turned out not to be anything profound..

‘Want to get another bottle?’

I was a little stunned. We had already drunk the recommended maximum amount. On the other hand, she smoked, so obviously she had a careless attitude to health.

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