What’s cheaper than coffee in Cyprus?

04 Jun

514px-Capuccino_freddo_1Whenever i used to go past a packed coffee shop in Cyprus i wondered why would people pay EUR2-5 for a coffee. I’ve come to realise though that unless people invite you over to their home, you can’t get a cheaper form of entertainment or leisure than that.  Not to mention that you have the opportunity to let your kids’ wrath loose on strangers for a few hours something which most parents do…..

I’ve been trying to come up with other forms of entertainment/leisure.

Dinner is definitely more expensive unless you manage to locate a good and probably obscure souvlaki shop. Of course you are paying for food and not coffee but it is still a matter of spending 2-3hrs outside your home. In this respect it is comparable.

Movies again more expensive (and don’t get me started on 3D movies) and there you depend on (a) quality of the movie but that’s mostly down to your selection and (b) the people in the theatre with you. My experience is that it’s more likely than not to be ruined by the latter.

I imagine you can go to a park like the one in Akropolis or Athalassa but unless you take beverages with you that’s still going to end up more pricey.

So, how can you be entertained outside your own home in Cyprus? Does it even cost less than a coffee at Arabica, Starbucks, Presse, Costa etc?


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2 responses to “What’s cheaper than coffee in Cyprus?

  1. christinax7

    June 13, 2013 at 01:14

    I face the same problem when in Cyprus. Well, there isn’t much to do in a small island as a form of entertainment, unless it involves paying. Of course you can always have a stroll to some touristic/mall area (if in Limassol, you can stroll around beach/tourist area, if in Nicosia, I guess stroll on Lidras, if in Larnaca, Foinikoudes etc).
    Even though it might sound a bit lonely, you can enjoy some fun free activities for yourself, for example if you like reading, just take a book with you and read it in a quiet park, or ride yourself with a bicycle, listening to your favorite songs.
    Once in a while, you can go for mountain trips or beach trips with friends. If you didn’t know, KOT is organizing these trips to villages for Cypriots and tourists to learn our tradition (Platres – Agros – Troodos etc). You can find more info at their website: You can find some events that villages around Cyprus organize on different times of the year and you can go there with friends/coworkers.
    If you like photography as a hobby, then here is your chance to spectate and capture some Cypriot tradition and share them in your blog.

    • Costas Taliadoros

      June 13, 2013 at 09:03

      Good morning!

      My favorite, even if it’s not very special, daily pastime is going to a coffee shop in the morning and getting a filter coffee and reading. I appreciate my alone time a lot. The setting though could be better, maybe a coffee shop in the park or along the beach. Not many of these in Nicosia unfortunately.

      Beach trips is something i do. Early on in the season as well. Mountain trips sound great actually (although there is still the cost of petrol) but you need people to do that with and that’s something i am a bit short on. Or rather short on people willing to do these excursions. I did not know about the CTO trips so i will have a look. Thx.

      I tried photography but it’s not my thing, sadly. That’s an awesome hobby to have and you can do it quite independently. You can also combine it, like you said, with some traveling and blogging as well.

      Thank you for the excellent comment Christina!


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