Cardboard Children: Change Or Die

03 Jun

Link – click me!


And it IS uncool. And you could argue that cool doesn’t matter. But it does. Cool always matters. The definition of cool is the only thing that can be argued about. And even that’s a pointless argument, because “cool” is something you can feel. For young people, board gaming isn’t attractive. It has an image problem. A major image problem.



Fuck. What IS the message? It isn’t that Agricola is a great farming game. Or that Cosmic Encounter is the BEST space game. We’ve done all that. The message is that people need to be beside each other. That’s all the message ever was. People beside other people, smiling at other people, touching other people. And people means every person. Everybody. It doesn’t matter what the game is. As long as it’s something that makes you laugh in close proximity to another person. Good people. Good drink. Good laughs. Good fun. Together.



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