Vikings, Orphan Black & Top of the Lake (TV)

30 May

TV series in general

There are so many TV shows out there, some bad, others just ok and some good enough. But TV is such an easy time wasting activity (i use this term loosely) that you can just watch a series for the sake of watching it and not getting anything of value out of it. I don’t expect every tv show to be The Wire but i don’t want to fall into the trap where i’m just wasting away the hours watching completely forgettable stuff because it’s convenient and easy to do.

At the moment only Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad (although i thought Season 5 was the weakest) still give me that sense of satisfaction that i’m not just passing/wasting my time.

The first two below did not live up to the expectations but i watched them because they were relatively short.

Vikings S1

The 1st Vikings season is now over and after 10 episodes i can safely say that it was mediocre at best. The only episodes that held my interest were the ones with the raids in England. I’m not sure whether i’ll be watching Season 2 as no character has grown on me and i think that all characters have failed to develop with the season. I still dig the intro though.

Orphan Black S1

I am now watching (episode 9) a BBC America production called Orphan Black. I only started watching it after reading a few articles and reviews where it was highly recommended. I really can’t see why to be honest since it’s just passable TV in terms of story, characters and acting. Granted i’m not a sci-fi series fan but i find that there’s nothing new or even remotely interesting that can keep me after season 1 (i think 10 or 11 episodes in total).

Top of the Lake

I saved the better one for last. This is a mini-series (7 episodes) starring Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men – Peggy) in which she plays a detective investigating the disappearance of a 12 year old pregnant girl. It takes place in a community in New Zealand. Holly Hunter, whom i have not seen in a movie for quite some time, is also among the cast. This is a decent watch and being a BBC production it does not outstay its welcome by dragging it out.


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