Lack of focus and goals

24 May

When i started writing the blog i did not have focus nor goals as to what to do with it. I just wanted to vent mostly. Now, this lack of direction is starting to take its toll on me.

What do i write about? Why should i write at all for that matter?

Writing, linking and posting for the sake of doing it can only take you so far.

For example, I decide to take on a particular theme one month and then the next i just give it up (remember In-Depth reading and Doing Something New for 30 days??). I realised today that i have not written the monthly ratings post where i rate how my New Years’ Resolutions are coming along for a few months now. Completely forgot about it. Of course, that might mean that everything is going so well that I’m no longer conscious of my progress with them. But that’s not it.

I wish i had a talent or passion for just a single thing, so as to specialize. These general, wider, diversified interests don’t seem to be leading anywhere. Do i want them to lead anywhere?

Should the goal be to improve as a writer? I don’t think i have the talent, vocabulary, patience and to be honest the ambition to put the effort that is needed.

But at some point you’ve got say, Ok, it’s been a fun ride. What now? What’s the purpose? What do i want? Am i getting anything out of this? Do i need to rethink how i approach it? Is it time to stop or pause or renew?

I do like recommending books, movies, tv shows, apps, software, board games etc etc etc. This, i enjoy doing but not in the current format. I don’t like elaborate reviews. Also i love hosting small gatherings for let’s say watching football or playing board games. Video or photos/drawings of these maybe? Of the experience. I can’t visualize it. You need a certain level of creativity to do something like this. I don’t have that. Or rather i think i don’t have it because i’ve never done it before.

I’m confused and I need clarity. I need a purpose. A goal. I need to get some sense of progress and finally a sense of achievement.


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2 responses to “Lack of focus and goals

  1. aregularcupofjo

    May 24, 2013 at 09:57

    I think the best thing for blogging is just to write how you feel. It is better to do that than to force something you aren’t happy with. I just recently started blogging and I think my favorite thing is to just write what comes naturally. I touched on this in my blog, and I think the best thing to do with our life is always move forward. There is no point in just waiting for something to happen. If we want something out of life, we need to go after it. Eventually, all things will fall into place. Best of luck with everything 🙂

  2. Costas Taliadoros

    May 24, 2013 at 13:35

    “There is no point in just waiting for something to happen. If we want something out of life, we need to go after it.”

    I completely agree. Of course, i need to find out what that something is!

    Thank you for the wishes!


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