Inotaizu (Kaigan)

15 May

I bought another board game (yeah, yeah i know. shut up!) last week.

One of the many wonderful things in the world of board games is how small business it feels at times. The game is Japanese and it’s called Inotaizu with players competing against each other to map the coast of Japan.

I had the option of purchasing the original Japanese edition or the US print. In the end i went for the Japanese edition.  So, i emailed the designer of the game, Kenichi Tanabe (how often do you start an email conversation with “Good morning Kenichi”) and asked for details on cost and shipping.

He was very helpful, letting me know that only the first edition was available which has a hand made board. I made the order and a day later Kenichi informed me that it’s on was on its way from Osaka. Right now it is sitting somewhere in Cyprus Customs according to its tracking number.

I will post a few pictures once i have it. This is the box cover.

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