14 May

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Streaming music is a difficult thing to have in Cyprus. Services like Spotify and Pandora are not available to us. Internet radio helps to an extent. I was using Tunein until about a week ago. Both on my media player but also on my phone/ipod. It’s ok, but quite limited on the kind of music you can listen to since you can’t really choose the artists. It’s just radio of a specific music genre.

But now i have discovered Jango. It’s a service, available in Cyprus, where you create your own stations based not only on the genre but more importantly the artists. Based on that initial choice of band the service will stream other similar artists in your station. For example, start with The Maccabees and it follows it up with more UK rock bands. You can give a thumbs up or down on a specific song and it will appear more frequently or less in that station. You can also skip songs and/or add more specific bands in each station,

The service is free but has commercials (not frequent) and also promotes unknown artists by asking you to rate them. I still have not seen everything that the service is offering nor limits with regards to the artists it has.

Possibly not as good as subscription based services but for us located in Cyprus who do not have that choice it’s fantastic. I love it. Highly recommend it for music. It’s available on PC, Android and iOS.

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