De-clutter diary (3)

10 Apr

Last year i started de-cluttering my flat. Donated clothes, sold board games for charity, recycled old electronics and threw away other things.

Yet, i still i live in a flat with clutter. Things which i rarely use or i’m not even aware they are even there. Hidden in cupboards and boxes. I find it embarrassing that i live in a two bedroom flat, with a storeroom and still find myself with not enough space. Last year i also put a hold on most of my purchases while i was doing this de-clutterring but i’m still shocked by how much clutter i’ve collected over the years. I say clutter because it is cups, mugs, clothes, electronics i bought but never, never use now. So in every sense of the word, these things are clutter to me.

This past month, i’ve raised the level of this clearing out. I gave away almost all of my DVD collection ( I rarely re-watch anything and the ones i do re-watch i’ve kept plus there is no dvd player connected to the TV anyway at the moment). I also donated more clothes, mugs, bowls (10 bowls i got from Alfamega using vouchers, who needs 10 bowls excluding the 5 i’ve kept….), linen, towels, table cloths, napkins, candle holders and got rid of old academic books. Now i’m almost done with the kitchen and moving to the bedroom.

All these are out and I’m still not done yet.

I find it simply embarrassing and near shameful.

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