Cyprus Boardgamers meeting, 4 April 2013

08 Apr

Our three-weekly meeting took place last Thursday and we played in total 3 games:

  • King of Tokyo x 1 (5 players) – A tremendously fun yahtzee style game with monsters fighting it out. I was eliminated in the first 5-10mins caused i stayed in Tokyo for too long and took a lot of damage. Despite my early elimination the game it was still fun to watch the others play and is over by the time you get bored. Very Enjoyable
  • Liar’s Dice (Perudo) x 1 (6 players) – A party game filler. Lots of dice, luck, bluffing and interaction. It’s an enjoyable game but ours took a bit longer than i would have liked. Enjoyable
  • Ra x 1 (5 players) – Our last game for the night was also the only serious game we played. Knizia’s auction/bidding game which i had wanted to play for a long time. I was disappointed from the first play. It felt a bit too random and chaotic but i think there were mitigating factors. The first was that we got quite a few rules wrong. Important rules at that. Also you need to see how the scoring works in order to understand what you need to be bid for. Poor first impressions but i want to give it 1-2 more tries before making up my mind. Undecided
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