The Resistance – a board game

13 Mar

The Resistance

The Resistance exemplifies why i got into board games. Board games provide social interaction but with a purpose.

The Resistance is actually not a board game even though it does have a small board. It’s a card game. A card game which provides the loose framework in the form of very basic rules for a group of people to interact. This interaction is in the form of deduction, role playing, voting, trust and deception. It’s all about the people who are playing.

It plays with 5 to 10 people and it plays in 30mins. You need around 7-8 people to get the best out of the game. Also the willingness of these people to role play makes or breaks it.

I won’t go through the rules, I’ve given you the gist of it. What it feels like playing it. If you want to learn more about the rules, watch this tutorial.

But i will tell you this…..

What is The Resistance?

There is a group, The Resistance, which is fighting against an oppressive regime. The group has missions to complete. Among the resistance members however, there are government spies who have infiltrated the group and want to sabotage the missions.

The Resistance members don’t know who the spies are.

But the spies know one another.

Now the game starts.

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