07 Mar


The creator of the Diplomacy board game, Allan B. Calhamer, died on Monday.

“To people in La Grange Park, Allan B. Calhamer was the postman who delivered the mail.

But to people who played “Diplomacy” — the addictive board game he designed as a law student at Harvard — Mr. Calhamer was a geek god.”

I first played Diplomacy during my 1st year at the LSE in 1998. I joined a Diplomacy group using Yahoo Groups (those were the days….) and started playing it by email with people in the US and the UK. Diplomacy is one my favourite board games of all time although i’ve never played a complete face 2 face session.

I purchased a physical copy and attempted to play it with my 2 university flat mates but it took too long to play and they were not fans anyway. So i kept playing it and other map variants over the years only by email.

Diplomacy is set in the years before WWI and players take control of the major powers of that time. It has simple and straightforward rules, no dice, while encouraging tremendous player interaction through negotiations where people lie and backstab making empty promises. In fact the latter part is the whole point of the game.

Diplomacy is a wonderful game as long as you have the right people. There’s a perfect description for it as well,

“Destroying Friendships since 1959”

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