Audiobooks – more than a year later

06 Mar

More than a year ago i first posted about my desire to explore the world of audiobooks. I assumed many things at the time and i was wrong about most of them.

1. Only listen to non-fiction books
In fact i much prefer to listen to fiction books. I’ve only read 1 non-fiction compared to 4 fiction audiobooks. The reason? Partly, it’s easier to be immersed with fiction if you click with the narrator.

2. The listening experience could not compare with the act of reading books
The narrator plays a crucial role in the experience of an audiobook. For example the narrator in Fatherland, Michael Jayston, added to my experience with his pronounciation of German names and words. It immersed me to a Nazi Germany in a way which i doubt i would have been able to do on my own, simply by reading.

What i’me trying to say is that you are experiencing books in a whole different way. It has not diminished nor reduced my reading experience. It has simply added to it.

3. Re-read old books instead of reading new
I’ve only read new books so far. I would like to give my favourite books a go at some point. An unabridged version of We Need To Talk About Kevin would be interesting.

But there are some things i was right about.

1. It’s an acquired skill and taste
You can get a lot more enjoyment once you’ve let go of any reservations about the format. That took a while and i have to admit that i still have difficulties.

For example, i purchased Lolita, which is narrated by Jeremy Irons. I thought “wow, this is going to be fantastic”. But once i started listening i just could not understand a word of what he was saying. I attempted it a few times but to no avail. I eventually gave up.

2. The rate at which you can read (listen to) books dramatically increases
You can get a lot more reading done this way. That in itself is very satisfying.

I don’t love audiobooks yet but i think i’m getting there.

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