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Hugo Alfven

This piece by Hugo Alfven is lovely.

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Recommended Articles, 16 January 2013

United StationsFinancial Times

Now drama departments from both continents are coming together to create TV series that have an entirely international shape and character. The BBC, for instance, recently imported one of the directors of The Killing to work on Murder: Joint Enterprise, a critically acclaimed one-off that was as bleak as its title. Lillyhammer, a co-production between the US and Norway, was a cult hit all over the world. Co-productions, of course, have a long history but these projects are getting bigger in scale, and Jo, made by production company Atlantique (part of France’s Lagardère Entertainment group) and starting early next year, is one of the most ambitious to date.

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Exploring music for 30 days

I mostly listen to the same genre of music and artists on a daily basis. Rock, some country and hip/hop and that’s about it for the most part.

In the next 30 days i will be well outside my tastes and comfort zone. Using internet radio applications, either on the phone, Pc or media player, i will only be listening to different genres and world music.

The Different Music for 30 days challenge started yesterday morning with Classical on BBC Radio 3 and surprisingly, i loved it.

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Australia’s Wildfires

I just saw these photos and had to post the link.

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Recommended Article, 8 January 2013

“They are lined up outside most mornings when we open our doors, because, I think, they have learned through this journey we’ve all been on that the lowest price does not always represent the best value. Parnassus Books creates jobs in our community and contributes to the tax base. We’ve made a place where children can learn and play, where they can think those two things are one and the same. We have a piano. We have two part-time store dogs. We have authors who come and read; you can ask them questions, and they will sign your book. The business model may be antiquated, but it’s the one I like, and so far it’s the one that’s working.”
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Ayioi Omologites – Cyprus Boardgamers meeting

It’s a new year and it’s time for another monthly Cyprus Boardgamers meeting at the Ayioi Omologites Cultural Workshop.

The January meeting is this Thursday, 10 January and the games will be from 19:00 onwards. The Workshop is open to everyone but it’s best to notify the administrators if you are coming in order be assured of a spot to play.

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Mister Pip

‘Above all,’ he said, ‘white is a feeling’…….

……’This is true. We feel white around black people.’

Mr. Watts

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