The joy of gift giving

25 Dec

Christmas presents shopping done. I always try and get everything by the end of November. Most of the shopping i do online but also some locally.

I know we are supposed to be austere when it comes to spending but i can’t help it. I enjoy buying presents. It’s also remarkable what you can buy even on a very tight budget, with great presents ranging from EUR5-EUR15.

I love the gifting process. I spend hours thinking of the right present to give to the right person as i try to visualize how the person will react to it. Not so much at the time the present is actually unwrapped but how it is treated and enjoyed days, weeks and even years after that.

Of course there are times when the gift is not a success. A book which is never read. A board game that is never played. But this makes me even more determined to get it right next time. A gift should ideally be representative of the giver and something which the recipient truly appreciates.

I experiment every now and then with gifts which may open people’s eyes or open doors to new experiences. Presents that they would never have bought for themselves. But if it’s not happening then i am not insulted or anything. I don’t take myself that seriously. It just means that the gift was wrong and there are so many other options to try next.

The giving of presents should of course aim to make people happier. Even just for those few minutes. Ultimately though, it forces us to get a better understanding of the people we are giving the presents to. What their interests and hobbies are. To listen to their desires and needs all year round. I’d like to believe that’s what they mean by “it’s the thought that counts” .

Merry Christmas!

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