New Year’s Resolutions (2)

13 Nov

I am taking more risks this year. This will be a very ambitious list (it’s the same as last year’s!!) but this time with no easy ones to fall back on. I am concentrating on the important areas. In fact, with the exception of one of these resolutions the rest are all carried over from last year.

Travel – I’ve already discussed this in my previous post. I will be doing some “training” by being a tourist in Cyprus to help me use this experience abroad. Of course this resolution needs a budget and planning whether it’s in Cyprus or abroad. Nothing concrete yet but I am investigating some ideas already. Health and money permitting, this looks good.

Volunteer – 3 ideas (a) community service with board games (b) teach economics A/O Level or something for free and (c) Book donation drive or library recommendations or a book club. This will need particular investigation to check what’s possible.

Exercise – Swimming/Cycling/Other – the plan is to get into a schedule of at least 3 days of exercise weekly. This hopefully will include swimming all year round and Sunday cycling. Plus anything else that may be possible to do in the event that these two don’t work out. Swimming will need a lot of trial and error. I could find a thousand excuses for not trying .That’s what I basically did last year.

Should swimming and cycling not work out then there are many other things I can do. I just need to do my research and try them out. Spend more time trying things out rather than moaning about sports and exercises I can no longer do. I know that it will never be the kind of schedule I used to have BA but it should help me get back to a certain level of fitness and exercise. But most importantly it will restore some of my lost sanity.

Secret resolution – I’d like to keep this one to and for myself.

Health – I have left the most difficult and most important one for last. I am more concerned about my mental health this year. I will be fighting a way of thinking and dealing with emotions which has been with me all my life. I want to put an end to this self-destruction. My network of support will be invaluable as I suspect there will still be some dark days and nights ahead. This is the big one. It will be affected by a great number of variables including some mentioned in this post but I am optimistic.

Wish me luck and a happy new year!


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2 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions (2)

  1. beedia

    November 13, 2012 at 11:11

    This will sound weird, but I love your new year’s resolutions. Good luck and I hope you accomplish them! 🙂

    • Costas Taliadoros

      November 13, 2012 at 14:06

      It does sound weird!! 😛 But it’s ok ;)Thank you, i appreciate it. Good luck with your own blog and most of all enjoy it.


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