October ratings

01 Nov

New Year’s Resolutions update (Rating is out of 5 of these [])

  • Health – [][][]
    I had an arthroscopic operation on my right foot which i am hoping will provide some much needed relief of the pain I’ve been experiencing for the past 4 years. Ironically, now i am starting to feel the same pain in my left foot…. But regardless of how that progresses, i am glad that I’ve gone through with it. I am also thankful for the support i got. Before and after.
  • Blogging –[][][]
    This was a solid but unremarkable month. Strange that hit wise this was the 2nd best so far. I don’t understand how WordPress calculates hits at all.
  • Exercise – zero
  • Travel – zero
  • Teaching/Training/Volunteering – []
    I’ve made some enquiries and i am waiting for a reply. We’ve also started organising the Ayioi Omologites board games sessions again which may evolve into something more than just us having a good time.
  • Shopping – []
    A poor month in a good year. Medical costs, roof maintenance and some buys from Amazon’s Today Deals. Probably my most spendthrift month of the year so far.


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