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Not enjoying a book? What do you do?

1. Stop reading – Not enjoyable? Next! Too many good books out there while time is precious.

2. Critical point – I always read until a certain point and then decide.

3. Finisher – I prefer to finish my books. I feel a sense of guilt not to.

I am more of a 3 myself but i feel like i am wasting my time lately whereas i could be doing something else. Reading a book should not be the end itself but a means to an end. Lately I am also placing a higher value on my free time.


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What do the articles i read say about me?

It’s strange.

My life is at a point where having a family is not even on the horizon. Neither mentally nor practically. Yet, many of the articles i read, i should say, choose to read are about people having a child and what compromises they may have to make. Especially mothers. Articles about the early development of young children, whether it’s about the way they are raised or even what games to play with them.

Once i read these i then proceed and share them with friends who already have kids or are expecting.

But what does it say about me?

Do i deep down desire my own family or am i reading about this because it’s everywhere around me?  Honestly, i can’t say it’s the former. I just don’t see it unless it’s a subconscious thing. But then why am i so interested in this?

I am also drawn to articles of management at work. But this i can connect with the articles on self-identity and purpose in life which i am also particularly interested. This makes more sense to me as i feel i am a crossing point in life. I don’t know whether it’s as significant as it appears to be and whether there is as much future as there is past after this crossing but it’s actually what keeps my up at night. Plus, I never remember my dreams.

I do remember a time when all i was reading about was football, video game and defence (!!!) magazines. I miss those calmer and less stressful times.

So, what do the articles i read say about me now?

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Playing board games for charity or community service

The thought has been buzzing around in my head for a few weeks now.


Basically, book a location somewhere in Nicosia and organise a day/weekend event to play board games. There will be an entrance fee for the day or for the entire weekend and the proceeds will go to a charity. At the event there will be several tables where there will be demonstrations and tutorials to teach several of these board games. There will also be tables where people can just sit down and play board games for the day.

I don’t expect that a substantial amount will be raised for such an event given the low penetration of board games in Cypriot culture but it can demonstrate the beauty and accessibility of board games to people of all ages including to those with disabilities. It may encourage homes for elderly or children to see the benefits of including them in their activities schedule. It will also give more ideas to families of how they can spend their time together.

Community Service

Another idea, which actually complements the above, is to organise regular board game events at youth, community centers or homes for the elderly and/of children. Of course it will have to be just one in the beginning to test the waters but it can later be implemented at more places.

The difficulty with this is deciding the age group to focus on or at least to begin with. I am not good with children, as i lack the patience and also the experience to communicate with them. At the other end there are homes for elderly but i am not sure what the options are with this group and how willing they will be to try new things.


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Oh, these videos are so cool!!!!

Thanks to Dubious Quality for linking these.

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Re-reading books


  • Does the opinion of the book change?
  • Why did it (not) change?
  • Was the original verdict determined on an emotional connection with the book at the time?
  • So, it depends on the state of mind at that particular point in time?
  • Does it depend on the situation/world one was in at the time the book was read?
  • What is the significance of a change of opinion?
  • Does it matter?
  • How will re-reading it in a short space of time instead of years after affect opinion the 2nd time?
  • Is the person reading the book in 2012 the same as in 2004 when the book was first read?
  • Why was the book re-read?
  • To confirm the existing impression, memory and verdict?
  • To explore the book on a deeper level?
  • Is the reaction to the book what is sought after or more knowledge of the book itself?
  • Does the fact that there are no more surprises in terms of story or examination of the book matter?
  • Did one see, react and think at the time of the first read the things he is seeing now but just forgot that he did?

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Mini resolutions

1. To re-read at least one book a year. At the moment i am  re-reading 2 books. The first is When Nietzsche Wept, by Irvin D. Yalom which i had previously read in Mukonos in 2004. It’s a greek translation and it is actually the last book in greek i read. It’s been a while. The other book is The Diving Bell and The Butterfly which i just read not more than a month ago.

2. Play a board game i own 100 times before i buy a new one. Currently my most played board games are Summoner Wars, Dominion with 25 plays and Yomi with 24. The purpose is to pay more attention and appreciate the games i already own before spending any more money on games.

To be honest i am comfortable with the 1st resolution and it will be more than just 1 book a year but i think i am being a bit optimistic with the 2nd one…..


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Recommended Articles, 5 October 2012

  • Louis C.K. and the Rise of the ‘Laptop Loners– I am not a comedy/sitcom guy. I like the 20mins format but i rarely appreciate what’s being offered. The last comedy show i enjoyed was Seinfeld and that was not the whole series as it had some particularly weak ones, especially towards the end. My favourite comedy series was Yes Minister, so as you can see i am a pretty difficult viewer to satisfy if i have not found anything as good since then. This is where Louis C.K enters with his FX show Louie. Season 1 is on par with the Yes Minister series, sitting right there at the top.

Louie, clearly, is not for everyone. But it’s C.K.’s fearless embrace of the unsettling, the complex, and the potentially unmarketable that makes it an exciting show to watch. Louie is an ever-evolving creation, a no bullshit attempt to make something honest and challenging in a medium that’s inherent nature stands in stark opposition to these very goals. This is a brave thing to do, braver even than broadcasting one’s deep-seated fears and self-loathing for laughs. In one standup routine, C.K. claims that he has, “only the courage for a perfect life” — a life without adversity. It’s a rare moment of dishonesty from television’s most honest man.”

“The story – or more accurately rumour – concerned the actor Bruce Willis, who was alleged to be considering suing Apple over his (in)ability to leave the contents of his iTunes library to his children after his death. It’s already prehistoric news in techy terms. Yet it struck a chord that continues to resonate: what exactly happens when the intractably human business of living and dying meets the weightless world of apps, data clouds and virtual assets?”

  • Too Big to Fail and Too Risky to Exist – “These banks are too big to fail. They’re too big to manage. They’re too big to regulate. They’re too complex to understand and they’re too risky to exist. And the bottom line is they offer very little benefit.”

I could not agree more with this article in The American Scholar.

  • The Honor System – A fascinating Esquire article on the world of magicians and the stealing of magic.

“The real point of magic, Teller said during those lectures, is “telling a beautiful lie. It lets you see what the world would be like if cause and effect weren’t bound by physics.” It’s the collision between what you know and what you see that provides magic’s greatest spark.”

After you read the article watch Shadows

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